Monday, February 3, 2014

What types of ways, and under what types of circumstances - is it okay to kill your sentient property in Nova Scotia?

A dog owner was caught shooting their dog in the head and dumping the body in the woods yesterday - apparently the dog had been disobedient the last 2 years - nipping at the owner since their baby had been born - and in the last week had acted out and actually bit the woman of the couple - so the husband decided to shoot the dog in the head to get rid of the dog - and instead of disposing of the body in a way that other normal people would do - taking him to a vet to have them deal with it and pay a fee, bury it on their property, have the remains cremated, etc., - they decided to bury it in a wooded area where he was quickly discovered by some people who thought some horrible cruelty had taken place - which is only a natural thing for people to think.

It quickly spread through facebook like wildfire - and then the owners themselves posted to facebook with their own version of what happened - outraged that anyone would be pissed off with what they'd done.

And then today we find out that the RCMP and SPCA are not going to file any kind of charges because the dog had not suffered any obvious pain when it had been shot in the head.

You are allowed to do this to your animal in Nova Scotia - heck - just a couple years ago animal control's were still allowed to euthanize this way if they felt they had a clear shot, and it's still legal for many animal control's across the province (it's in many animal control bylaws across the province) to shoot a dog on sight if they think it's being a nuisance.

It brings to mind the case from New Brunswick - a man by the name of Keith Burton was unhappy that the NB SPCA was going to seize his breeder pomeranian dogs - so instead of them seizing them he went into his shed and bashed them all in the head in order to kill them. He ended up only being convicted of one count of cruelty because only one of them lived - he only caused one dog pain - you really can do anything you want to your animals - even in this day and age.

Is this right? Should we be able to do anything we want to the sentient beings in our care? Should we be able to starve them, to beat them, to chain them, to keep them crated 24 hours a day, to abandon them, to bash them in the head until they are dead, to shoot them in the head?

I think anyone who is sane would say no! That is all cruelty - so why is this couple not being charged with anything? Even degradation of a body.

It makes me think of all the animals who are suffering right now that we know nothing about - if they were willing to end this dogs life so easily - what were his last 2 years like. I'd be willing to bet they were not pleasant.

And what else are they capable of. A lot - I really hope they don't get any more pets. And why isn't the SPCA or RCMP tryiing to do anything about that - this couple may have already gone out and gotten a new pet that may get a bullet in the head tomorrow - that really makes me shudder.

And the biggest question - is there any other pets in the home right now that are in danger?


  1. Tanya Owen8:21 PM

    Well said Joan, the laws are so messed up and desperately need to be changed,

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    yes Joan very well said I dont know what is going on in our so called civilized society but its not good...seems to me the laws protect the abusers..and the woman from the SPCA is a disgrace for what she spit out of her we go according to her the dog was well fed and well loved...what planet is she from I wonder..,nothing will change until caring sensitive people run that organization

  3. Well said. Amen to that!

  4. This is very sad and makes me wonder what this poor dog must have also suffered throughout his life time as well. This really does need to be investigated and the people who did this need to be educated so that they understand what it is that is so wrong about what they have done, and then they need to be held accountable.