Friday, January 3, 2014

A Small Codicil to my post about the NS SPCA from yesterday

Yesterday I made a venom filled post about the NS SPCA and I wanted to narrow it down a little bit - my beef isn't with the NS SPCA as a whole - over the years I've written a lot of posts about the Nova Scotia SPCA and I've always made a distinction between the talking heads and the administrations of the SPCA and the branches across the province - the people who do the actual work of the humane organization.

I have nothing but respect and faith in the branches across the province and the people who do the everyday work saving the animals who need rescuing across the province that the SPCA saves everyday - it's the administration and the people who interpret the Animal Cruelty Act that I have a problem with - but the people who actually work at the shelters across the province, and who volunteer with the NS SPCA - they are above reproach and I respect them immensely - I always have, and I always will.

I have said it before over the years, and I always will.

I just wanted to make that clear. I know that I can't walk into a branch because I am disliked so immensely for the things that I write - but I still wanted to put that out there - it's not them I'm targetting - it's the people at the top that need to have their policies looked at, and their interpretations of the Act questioned. Not the workers.


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    I highly doubt you can say you have support for anyone in the SPCA, you vilify every single member.

    You stand as the face for a group that allow your supporters to openly bash and demand that EVERY member of the SPCA be fired, be completely put out of power on a regular basis. And for that you are attacking supporters and workers at the SPCA shelters, and ultimately making them all feel like you have nothing but a vendetta against them.

  2. I disagree with you.

    1. Anonymous7:35 PM

      You can disagree, but the fact is that multiple shelters feels this way about your group now.

      They have felt attacked and disrespected, especially with your public hate comments not being contained.

      Stating that there is inadequacy is one thing, attacking people you've never met and know nothing about is another.

    2. So what else is new, anonymous? You obviously don't know my history with the SPCA - I have been involved with the organization for the last 10 years and was in fact ejected from the organization in 2009 when I spoke out against the administration - have you ever heard about something called the "Celtic Pets" debacle? If you haven't then you don't know shit about the SPCA and all the horrible things that can happen when power is taken too far in an organization.

      I know what can happen when the NS SPCA turns bad - and I don't want that to happen. I don't want animals to die, and I feel like they are - then I am going to speak out - because I CAN.

      In this country - if something is true - I'm allowed to say it - sorry about that.

      I have had multiple shelters unhappy with me before, and I will again - but it won't stop me from speaking the truth about the way that the contables and the administration are interpreting the animal cruelty act.

      I have said my piece - and that's that.