Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new year from the little white dog army

Can you believe this dog is 19 years old? I am so lucky to still have her around to bring in the year 2014. I am so blessed that she is still so perfect.
Poor Sidney has awful allergies, but he's still a happy dog and loves it when people come to visit

The dogs all love to wrestle

And even Sassy will get in there with the best of them

Here Sassy is giving the gears to the rest of them

And even Sidney is getting in around the outskirts of the wrestle

But mostly it's just Buttercup and Bubby who do the wrestling

Here's a cute shot of Bubby coming towards Sidney

Buttercup getting a toy - even at 19 years old she still loves to play with toys

She is so playful!

This is Bubby looking perfect, as usual

Here is a shot of Sassy - also looking perfect!

And a final shot of Buttercup looking at me wondering why I won't play with her toy - to end off 2013 - and start off 2014 with a bang of more of the same - I can only hope!

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  1. Such cuties. Wow 19 yrs...awesome
    Ernie and the crew