Sunday, November 17, 2013

When you're being harassed in a dog friendly condo/apartment building, what can you do?

I was first contacted by Brian and his family in October. In July they acquired a puppy - thinking that their building was dog friendly because there were so many other dogs around - they didn't know that they had to apply to have a dog from their condo corporation to have that dog.

They are renting the condo that they live in from an owner with the condo corporation - so one would think that they only agreement they'd need to get is from the owner of the condo - which they had. Several days after having the puppy, the superintendent advised that they had to write a letter stating that they had the dog, which they did immediately. A week later they received a notice from the condo board that a formal application had to be submitted and during the waiting time they would have to place the puppy somewhere else outside of the building.

Can you imagine?

They checked around with other dog owners in the building and some have not even asked for permission but still have their dog with no harassment from the condo corp. A few weeks ago - to top everything off - they received notice from the condo corp that they're being evicted over this - meanwhile the building is full of dogs.

Brian can't figure out if it's because there's not too many renters and they're being discriminated against - there's been no complaints against him and his dogs - he's gone to all of his neighbours and nobody has complained about him - so he can't figure out why they would want to evict his family because of his puppy and a form that hadn't been filled out.

There is nothing in the tenancy act that allows the condo corp to be able to do this - so Brian is taking this case to the Human Rights Board - which is meeting tomorrow.

I guess it will be based on that whether or not their eviction is finalized - but it all sounds very unjust to me.

The condominiums they live in are on Larry Uteck and are owned by Podium Properties - with so many places dying for renters these days - you'd think that owners would be a little nicer to people willing to pay super high rents.


  1. Sounds like a bias against "renters". This is being used as an excuse by the look of it. Pity.

  2. There are plenty of real estate options to suit your tastes, needs, and lifestyle.

  3. There are plenty of real estate options to suit your tastes, needs, and lifestyle.

  4. Evicting his family and puppy from a building full of dogs after he already applied the dog for registration? Now that’s just downright confusing. Can’t he appeal to the superintendent about it for one last time before he take his case to the Human Rights Board? There is clearly a huge misunderstanding here, so I hope things worked out right for him and his family. I hope everything went well for them.

    Marvin Scott @ Crown Strata