Saturday, August 17, 2013

Buttercup is 19 years old today!

Today is Buttercup's 19th Birthday!

Can you believe it? When I tell people she is that old most people say they didn't know a dog could live that old.

It was 10 years ago today that I brought her home from the Dartmouth SPCA and we began our love affair with each other.

I have waxed poetic over her so many times over the years that it is completely pathetic - she knows that she has me completely under her spell and I let her do whatever she wants - sometimes to mine and the publics and other dogs detriment - but I just can't help myself - there is no other dog on this planet like her.

She knows how to speak english, and a lot of times she`s been the only thing that's kept me alive - so I am completely at her whim.

The only thing I could wish for is that she would live for another 10 years.

If it were up to Buttercup - she would.

A few years ago I made a photo album of photos I'd taken of her if you want to check that out - it's at Buttercup back in her prime.

Here is a link to other years when I have talked about Buttercup on her birthdays -


  1. WOW! Happy Birthday Buttercup! I think they just get better with age (just like wine and good cheese). I suspect the great care and affection she gets from you are what keeps her here...heaven would be hard pressed to compete with that.

  2. Oh, Buttercup is so beautiful!
    Happy belated birthday to her.
    Hard to believe she is 19!