Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gail Benoit wants to get back to work

It was a cruel trick of fate for Gail Benoit when proceedings for a murder trial were happening on the same day in the same court as her application - where yesterday she was applying to be able to sell dogs again while she waits to go on trial for fraud.

She wasn't expecting to have every news organization in the province at the court house too see her application - and they weren't expecting to see her there either - it was just a happy coincidence - they were all there for an ongoing murder trial - but it worked out very positively for the people who like to keep track of what's going on with Ms. Benoit because this petition might have gone through unnoticed otherwise - so it all worked out fabulously.

The decision has been put over until next week - and let's hope the condition of her undertaking is not removed - although I don't see long term how we can keep her from performing what her life long chosen vocation has been - Kijiji isn't going anywhere, she's not going anywhere - and people willing to buy puppies after hearing a sob story aren't going to go anywhere.

There's already other people out there to take her place started popping up - so it's a way to make money that's not going away - whether Ms. Benoit does it or someone else, unfortunately.

Ms. Benoit just does it with a lot of flairand  cruelty.

It's the puppies who will continue to lose out until the government of Nova Scotia decides that domestic animal's deserve some true, real protection under the law.

Don't hold your breath.

Here's today's Chronicle Herald story about the subject -


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I have been following this lady. I have a gail Benoit dog. She's like a drug dealer. Selling sick dogs, while ripping off heartfelt animal lovers who want dogs. The thing is she's charging top dollar. Her and her amn, are sick, no morals. And I'm suprised this hasn't turned nasty. The night , we got our Keely. In a parking lot with my young kids, showing me a sick dog in a dish towel. We took the animal, because we felt bad, Lucky that dog came around after a couple of years.Gail said if you don't nuter call me. I can help you out. Go get her. The laws in the maritimes got to change.

  2. Why doesn't the province just ban the re-selling of dogs by anyone other than a breeder or the pound ? Let's put her and her ilk out of business ...

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Why can't she be put down