Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tpday was the 9th annual GPAC Doggie Expo!

Today I went to the 9th annual GPAC Expo at the Forum - I've gone to every one - the first one was held in 2005 at the Pawplex in Dartmouth - which doesn't exist anymore - but thank dog the Expo does!

It's gotten bigger and better every year - and so has the dog culture in the HRM, if only the beauracy at HRM's City Hall could keep up with us, eh?

There were tons of great doggy services showing us their wares - so I will highlight a few of them.

The first one I came across was Sophie's Fancy Upcycled Pet Apparel - she makes all her dog gear from used items and gives part of her proceeds to lab rescue - you can find her on Facebook

There is a local vet who does housecalls - and that's what they do!  She's Dr. Emma Slater and she has a website at - it's an awesome idea and I'm glad that a local vet is finally doing it!

Amanda Layton from Tinydog Tailor was there today selling her beautiful clothes - I have a few of her things for my guys and they are awesome - you can find her on facebook too

Krazy Kritter Kookies are awesome - my guys love them - and I bet your dogs will too

This was neat - you've seen them for your babies - and these guys do this too - but they'll also do this for your dogs - imprinting your dogs foot prints and then putting them with their photos for a beautiful display - nice!  Their website is at

This was another idea that was super neat - Sand Dollar Silver - You can get your dogs paw print embedded in a piece of silver jewelry!  Now that is just too neat!  Their website is at

I was happy to see all the rescues that were present today - one of them was Elderdog - which concerns themselves with older dogs and older people - which is such a fabulous thing

Another one I was really happy to see was Homeward Bound Pound - going out and meeting the public is absolutely imperative to keep a no kill mandate - so going to events like today is 100% needed - and so impressive to see for a municipal pound - and especially so when they maintain themselves as a no kill facility, which is awesome.

Also there was the NS SPCA - this little guy is one of the graduates of their newly minted Woof program -

Other rescues represented today at the Expo were -

The Smiling Dog


Animal Rescue Coalitions

Beagle Paws Rescue

Cool Dog Rescue

French Bulldog Rescue Network

Lab Rescue Nova Scotia

NS Golden Retriever Rescue

Lastly - here's a couple dog's enjoying the fun - a rottie getting some lovin'

and a 10 week old chocolate lab soaking everything in

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  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hi! I just happened to come across this while doing some search engine stuff and saw my company mentioned in your blog! Thank you for visiting our booth at the Doggie Expo and if you'd like to visit us on our Facebook page simply search us out there and say hello!

    Kindest Regards,
    Angela Seguin
    Owner and Operator
    Krazy Kritter Kookies

    Ps - happy to hear your dogs love the treats! :)