Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gail Benoit gets caught conning woman out of litter of puppies

Gail Benoit has surfaced again - this time on local social media - Facebook.

And it is turning out that this is something she has done before. A lady was advertising her puppies on kijiji - and Gail contacted her that she wanted all the puppies - free to good home of course.

Gail wanted one for herself, one for family, and ones for a couple co-workers.

She even got the puppies delivered to her for free from Cape Breton because someone had posted that they were driving from Cape Breton and if anyone had anything they wanted delivered, they`d do it for free - so she emailed them that her puppies needed a drive up.

The guy who delivered the puppies to her said she looked familiar, so when he got home he did a google search on her name - and when he saw her picture, he immediately knew who she was - and that`s how we`ve come to know what she`s done this time.

And now that this has come to light - other people are coming forward with similar stories.

So once again - it`s another opportunity to get the word out there that - PLEASE - if you are looking for a canine companion - it doesn`t matter where you look for them - whether it`s from a rescue, from a breeder, from Kijiji - wherever - make sure you do not just pick them up at a neutral location - you MUST go see where they were living, you must make sure that there is some application process - you must also interview the person you are acquiring the animal from.

If you are giving the person money - you must get some value for the money. Do your research - at the very least - do a google search on the name of the person you are getting the animal from - if anything negative comes up - RUN FAST.

We now have a more than ten year history of news files about Gail Benoit and her partner Dana Bailey at

The reason I built that website was because when you did a google search on her name - nothing came up - nothing good, nothing bad - and that was wrong - if people wanted to find out anything about the puppy they had dying in front of them - they wouldn't be able to find out anything - and now they can.

There's also a lot of other people advocating to try to end dog brokers in Nova Scotia which is also fabulous - and they've got some great educational materials as well -

Here's a video with some voice mails from the lady herself -

Today the Facebook group "People for Dogs" issued a public warning about Gail Benoit that as of the evening of January 3rd had almost 3,600 shares, and 140 comments which is fabulous - the word is getting out there - they said "PUBLIC WARNING - Please be advised that convicted animal abusers and puppy traffickers Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey have recently conned a litter of puppies out of lady in Cape Breton. Not only did they use aliases to convince the lady to turn over the 5 pups, but also targeted and conned a good Samaritan into transporting them to the Fall River exit ramp for them. Although these actions by Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey are nothing new, it’s something that everybody should be aware of, and exercise extreme caution when being asked to hand over litters of puppies and/or provide transportation for puppies to Waverly / Fall River / HRM roadsides / parking lots."

Gail Benoit has said over and over that she will never stop selling puppies - and everytime she gives advocates in the dog community to provide educational opportunities about the way that she sells dogs - we will never stop trying to show people that there are safer and more humane ways to acquire puppies and dogs.

As a last note - you may ask why we think it's bad to get dogs from people like Gail Benoit - I had a comment left on one of my posts about Gail today that said "People don't want older dogs. Plain fact. This will continue forever"

The thing is - people like Gail Benoit don't care about the quality of product they are selling - they only care about getting the money out of your pocket.

And they've been very good at it - when they were on trial for animal abuse in 2008 they said under oath that they had sold more than 30,000 puppies in the past 16 years they'd been in business - that's a lot of puppies, and of course some of them would've had to be healthy.

But I continue on because I want to see Nova Scotia become a place where people know that you can get puppies at shelters, that if you want to get a puppy on kijiji - that you shouldn't meet the person in a parking lot - you should go to the person's home to meet the puppy's mom and dad - it's just common sense.

It's as simple as that - we do not need a middle man.

We have almost completely gotten rid of pet stores in Nova Scotia.

Now it's time to get rid of dog brokers. The time has come.

The law definitely is not going to do it. Public education and pressure is.


  1. Thank you Joan for continuing to support this important cause and awareness campaign.

  2. Yes Joan, thanks for bringing attention to this AGAIN! There is so much education that needs to happen arounds dogs in general. I don't know what it will take to get these two out of business for good.

  3. thank you Joan! she's the Kony of Nova Scotia

  4. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I do not understand why the police can not do something about the threats left on the machines?

  5. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Hi I heard about this one on the news I do not understand why these two are not in jail..does the law realize that our fury little critters have feelings as well we need stiffer laws on animal cruelty and these kind of cruel idiots..And I can't believe how some people will buy a puppy from someone in a parking lot or other places and not the home where it came from..People need to be more educated to on what are signs of sick or distressed puppies...and start reporting more suspition on puppies or any other animals that you make think are not well looking or abused..we got to pull together because the animals can't help thier self we are the ones that are suppose to help them..they are our friends and companions and treated like children..our government has to do something about this and spend some money on making a difference for these animals instead of spending money on stupid things like they have been doing over the breaks my heart when I see or read and here how some people dont have a heart and can stand there and do such horrible things to any animal...god love them..bless thier little hearts..

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM


  6. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Working in retail in Digby, I see this awful person more often than i'd like to. She's certainly not one of the nicest customers I've met.

  7. Thank you for trying to educate the public about these women Joan. Is this how they earn their livings ?

    Who should I write to at the provincial level to complain about the lack of legislation on this ?

    Thanks again hon.

  8. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Now they believe, she is conning peopl,e by saying she will dog sit! I knew her in Blockhouse School from about grade 5 on. She made my life hell, from grade 5 to grade 11, as she was a terrible bully. I have heard, in the past year, that I was not the only one; to suffer her version of hate. Now it seems she has moved from people to poor defenseless animals. She needs to be stopped! If she didn't outgrow her hatred for people since a child? There is no way that she will do so on her own. She truly thinks, that no one - is as good as she is - and will always feel that; she is above the law. Well that law needs to get, her and stop her (and that man), once and for all! Enough is enough...............

  9. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Omg her messages are twisted. Why had nobody thrown bricks through her windows, and rotten fruit at her? ten years is long enough. If law enforcement won't deal with them, the people need to. Where a law is unjust it can be broken and that will stand in court.

  10. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Gail Benoit Facebook

    Gail Benoit Tells Off Global News

    Gail Benoit gives "Her side of the story"

    Gail Benoit in the Animal Abuse Database

    All Information

  11. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Now she has babysat 2 dogs and sold them.

  12. Anonymous6:23 PM

    just wondering why her/his pic couldn't be posted on ALL sites such as the pet ppl could be forwarned??

  13. Kijiji always immediately removes those posts - Kijijiji exists to buy and sell - not educate the public about the subject of its wares unfortunately - you have to elsewhere on the Internet - ie - Google - for that.

  14. Anonymous10:27 AM

    A few months ago, I had offered my male Himalayan cat up for Free to a good home. I was emailed by a person claiming to be emailing for her mother. The "mother" then called me to inquire further... Saying, (in an old smokers raspy voice) that she just moved here and hooked up her new cell phone, that she wanted my cat, and would give it a good home. I thought that whole thing seemed kinda fishy. After letting her go, I called the number back and it was disconnected. She called me a week later asking if I still had my Himi and when I refused to give it to her she got very short with me and hung up. Obviously I cannot say for sure if this woman was Gail or not, but after watching her videos the voice is very, very, similar and I'm sure she thought she could make money of a pure-breed cat. Just wanted to share my store, anyone can email and make up whatever story they want, If it seems suspicious it probably is.

  15. Anonymous9:43 AM

    throw the 2 $@#$^%$^ in jail and throw away the key..they are not fit to be on earth..
    And if he is that cruel to her then she can get out..we all say ..they will have their turn to suffer ..but that is not stopping what they do now..i am sick to my stomach that authorties stand by and do nothing..cause not putting these cruel ppl away is doing nothing...
    Someone has to do something....NOW...

  16. Anonymous10:51 PM

    To be honest, I'm disgusted by the SPCA... I had a run in with Gail last year, not knowing who she was but the red flags were everywhere... I called and left 2 messages for the SPCA letting them know what took place and no calls were returned... First off anyone dealing with Gail should be able to tell right away there is something wrong and red lights should be flashing... But the SPCA let me down more, by not returning my calls... Because I trusted my instincts, I didn't purchase the puppy from Gail, but it would have been nice to have the SPCA return my call, which they never did...

  17. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I hope this face is plastered all over Canada. using fake names, fake emails, burner cell phones. she is just digging her own hole. why cant this person be prosecuted for using false ID's in order to lure people into believing her? in all honestly I bought my dog from parking lot off of kijiji. they drove 2 hours, I drove 2 hours. our dog is healthy, and will soon be 5yrs old this summer. she just gives good people a bad name.

  18. Anonymous11:05 PM

    URGENT! GAIL BENOIT IS IN THESHELBURNE COUNTY AREA!!! She came down last night to pick up puppies from someone and they recognized her photo and did not give them to her. PLEASE post this photo or the poster before to spread the word. DON'T LET PUPPIES GET INTO HER HANDS! Legally she is allowed to do this WE HAVE TO STOP HER BY EDUCATING PEOPLE WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD.

  19. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I've read much anger, indignancy and ignorance in the various posts/replies. This will not help these puppies one iota. The thing to do is write to your lawmakers or the 'authorities' in your government, actual paper letters. I can assure you they are not reading blogs to get information, or to decide what to do tomorrow. They are likely to take seriously the well written document. People, please use your spellchecker and grammar review. Then read it again to find to find anything these may have missed, like "ware" you have used a word that is spelled correctly, but is not correct in the context of your sentence. Some of the most frequent bastardizations of the English language include; their v they're v there; to v two v too; ware v where, They do not lend any credence to your point. Do not use obscenities, not even the !?&@£€\% placeholders for obscenities. Refrain from using ....., Instead of the appropriate punctuation. Make your letter concise and include facts only. Do not mention names, your goal is not to make personal accusations, you want to express the need to revise or create new legislation aimed at shutting puppy mills, and make any offense a crime, which is heard in a criminal
    court. Where a jury of her peers will decide her fate, with the guidance of the Judge. I am referring to the US terms and methods, I am sure you get the
    gist. Today 'authorities' can do little, only as much as current legislation allows. You have to start higher up to make things happen and remember, no emotion. These people are elected, they work for you. Don't frivolously vote simply by party, do your homework and make your decision count. The
    SPCA is not responsible nor authorized to shut down puppy mills, you are, by using your vote with care. The SPCA is not a law enforcement agency.
    They respond to calls wherein abuse or neglect is reported. They seek to help strays find their owners, or find a new forever home for them. I would
    expect they receive many many calls each day. They do not have the time nor inclination to return calls reporting an incident that almost happened. Their
    time is far better spent caring for the animals in their custody. Those who feel otherwise should, after the mailing of their letters to the lawmakers, be
    volunteering at their local shelter. Kijiji will not post her image on their website. Doing so would create too much risk for their company, as they would
    open themselves to lawsuits for libel or defamation of character, and ironically, even for the loss of income resulting from such a posting. To post her
    photo or not is strictly a business decision. If she did file charges, even if the allegation bears little merit, Kijiji would still have to defend themselves. This would cost lots of money. Kijiji does however, provide education on how to select a breeder, and how to spot and avoid an unscrupulous puppy broker, or a sick puppy. They also review the listings for some of the tell-tale keywords, in an effort to maintain the integrity of their business and remove those listings that do not comply with seller regulations. So every body get writing, remember it is not a personal thing about one woman, it is all about getting some regulations in there to prevent puppy mill activities, and to provide for substantial penalties for those found to be in violation"

    here's a

  20. Anonymous1:45 PM

    What these people are doing is absolutely HORRIBLE, but what makes me just as angry are the people who buy from people like this. It blows me away that these people don't take any responsibility, when they don't do any research and are the reasons why there are ignorant and irresponsible breeders like this. If a breeder continuously has puppies for sale and will give them away to anybody, then that should be a red light. ANY reputable breeder who is doing it for the good of the breed will interview you, put you on a waiting list, prove that the proper vaccinations were given and guarantee that they would take the animal back if it ever becomes sick or if you ever decide that you no longer want it. People have to become more responsible as well by spaying or neutering their pets so that you don't continuously see ads on Kijiji or the newspaper or wherever with people having pets to sell. You condone pet stores selling pets but yet think it's okay to buy from some stranger and the back of his car...smarten up people. It's like the drug trade, the more people continue to buy, the more people will continue to sell and not care about who or what gets hurt in the process.

  21. Anonymous8:12 PM

    It is, or should be, clear that Ms. Benoit and Mr. Bailey are _not_ the sort of people who socialize with anyone who has a choice in the matter. Their utter incorrigibility in this malfeasance seems to suggest that this all they have apart from each other and whatever continues to motivate them to do this.

    More and more, however, the house of cards falls around them. We know who they are and what they have done: they won't escape the suspicion of anyone for long if they continue to do this. There are only 900K people in Nova Scotia; eventually they'll run out of suckers for their particularly cruel and desperate scam.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      I used to babysit for Gail Benoit. Many MANY years ago. (yes folks. The thing bred. It made more of itself.) Since these comments are subject to approval, I suppose I can't recount the horror in detail, lest it be considered libelous and not published.

      Suffice it to say, there is no lack of evidence in my mind. This dirty woman can't even take care of herself.

  22. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Someone should report this person to Revenue Canada, I'll bet she is not declaring the income received from puppy sales

  23. Anonymous12:08 AM

    I think the comment above wins. Dont with Revenue Canada they will get your ass straight up. I tell you.
    Where justice fails there's Revenue Canada.

  24. I've been told that she's been reported to Revenue Canada several times and nothing's been done about it - maybe someone else should report it - and see if anything happens :)

  25. Anonymous11:25 PM

    FYI all, she's now selling cats on Kijiji.

  26. Anonymous6:46 PM

    well... you know everybody. There is nothing stopping other "good Samaritans" from contacting her and falsely expressing interest for the sole purpose of gaining solid evidence against her.

    I hope you read these websites, you wrinkled piece of human garbage. From now on, every time someone contacts you about wanting a dog or cat, know that it could be me or anyone else inspired by my idea. Look over your shoulder every time. Live in fear, you reptile. Because while citizens' arrests are illegal in canada, citizens' sting operations ARE NOT ILLEGAL IN CANADA. And even if they are, who would an honorable court believe? You, a white trash skunk with multiple convictions, or a good, upstanding citizen with a clean record that claims he or she simply, and quite innocently, wanted to purchase a new pet and "accidentally" ran into you?

    Be afraid Gail Benoit. Be very afraid. I've just given everybody here a lovely idea.

  27. Anonymous6:50 PM

    What really makes me furious is that a university student growing a few weed plants in his spare time is dealt the swift and efficient hand of justice while this piece of human waste is pandered to and hmmd and huhd over in court as if she had done no more wrong than rack up a few parking tickets.

    Disgraceful. I'm telling you now. Sting operation. And if the police won't do it, a few good citizens certainly will.

  28. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Some of you people need to calm down, honestly, I began my research about Gail in disgust, only to find ZERO, animal abuse convictions, I Guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, that this woman, is NOTHING compared to the REAL like ABUSER abusers out there, This Woman Has been charged with fraud and fraud alone, as far i can can see her charges were actually dropped due to lack of evidence. Period. Your making her sound like Kony 2012.
    She is nothing more than a horrible business person, now she may very well be a horrible person aswell, but, i mean, you guys , there's really nothing, you have her selling sick puppies, and yahhhh mabey she knew they were sick, but again, theres no proof, and when i say no proof i mean, AT ALL. so... to be honest you guys sound kinnda crazy to me, you sound hateful, you sound malicious, even if this person were a serial killer id expect a little more decency, its amazing,
    Its Amazing, how so many people can kinda, join together as a group to instill so much hate, and ,,, not one, notONE (and your supposed to be passionate) actually takes the time to find out info for themselves, and like i said, after reading everything, (and even this blogger has like 15 articles about her ) i cant find anything that would warrant this level of hate, this leval of defermation,

    even within this article, yes the messages are ...pretty fucked haha, but , look, you have the blooger, harrasing her, everyday, wrting articles about her, posting pics that make her look like a zombie, alledegly "praking" her or "wasting her time" to be honest, id do the same thing, and from the comments ive read, haha most of you would as well, ,,, there might be a real genuine source for the anger in those message,

    everything has been designed to destroy her, here the bloger says "targeted and conned a good Samaritan into transporting..." when previously she described that this person was posting the ad himself asking if anyone needed any help deriving goods and so on, ,

    this is nothing more then deformation of character, to a woman who has had her charges dropped, shes a con artist not an animal abuser, PERIOD, but yes, its definitely not a good idea to buy anything from her, not just animals, i wouldn't by a thing from her, not a thing this is true, haha but yeah you know its definitely a good idea to spread the word about her conning, this is also true, and you know the overall message here about better safer ways to get your puppies that's all good stuff,, but the hate is disgusting, id rather be stuck in a room with her than most of you,

    to be honest you people scare the shit out of me, so passionately hateful about things you know very little about, scary...

  29. Anonymous - you need to do a bit more research - Gail was convicted of animal cruelty in 2009 as well as fraud - but she went to jail for the fraud. Your research methodology is obviously a smidge flawed.

  30. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I am not from Nova Scotia, reading all these comments, you people sound mentally ill. This woman has a right to operate her business, mind your own