Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zues the bulldog finally gets to rest

I had an email from Zues's Dad - this is his photo here with Zues - now that Zues is gone he's allowing his own anonymity to stop because with Zues gone, really the last vesitges of the Celtic Pets scandal is disappearing now - so Blaine can show how much love there was between him and his dog Zues.

Blaine emailed me to say that Zues is now with all the other victims of the abusers MacIsaac and is no longer in any pain.

Thanks to Blaine - Zues was able spend 4 years in earthly heaven - after spending many years in the torturous cage inside the Celtic Pets hell that was the "shelter" that he had come from.

365 x 4 is a lot of days he got to enjoy because of Blaine - and that is fabulous, and from the updates Blaine sent us over those 4 years - Zues enjoyed every one of those days.

I hope there is a heaven, and if there is - Zues is for sure there now, and he's waiting for Blaine - because he's earned his passage there fair and square.

Don't wait too long to get another dog, Blaine - there's another Zues out there who needs you.


  1. rottnmom12:38 AM

    Joan, you probably have some idea of what this photo did for me. To see Zeus with his Dad, to see the total transformation.......especially his welcome confirmation that not only did he go to a good home, he went to the home he was destined for his entire life. That the road to Home was so long and painful can never be changed............but that his journey's end could be spent basking and blossoming in the obvious love and devotion he received, that is something one could never want to alter one iota.

    I can't begin to express what I see looking at these two. A life renewed and fulfilled radiate from his far removed from the longing, haunting gaze that was imprinted in my mind several years ago.


    I do have to take exception with your last sentence though....... "there's another Zeus out there who needs you". There will never be another Zeus, but there will be another who needs Blaine as Zeus did. There is another life out there that will revive, thrive and become complete should they be blessed to find their place in Blaine's heart.

    Run free dear Zeus, rejoin your old companions. But look back on your life as it became, not as it started. Because your last years were your best........when you were finally given the chance and reason to LIVE. I know that deep within my heart.

  2. always loved the story after Zeus was adopted and his dad said turns out Zeus is a bit of an asshole. did i ever laugh. reminded me of stupid Groucho and how we all love him anyways--and do what it takes to keep him safe, loved and happy

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM