Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Doggy Day Care + Fun Stuff

A new doggy day care has opened up in Halifax - owned by Tristan Flynn who used to own Golden Rule Training. He's a purely positive dog trainer who believes fervently in the power of positive training and volunteers at the Dartmouth SPCA shelter saving lives all over the place - he walks the walk and talks the talk - and he now has a facility to bring his philosophy to all of us!

Here is the blurb that they have on their Facebook page - "Jollytails Doggy Daycare is located in the heart of Halifax, 5 minutes from the Windsor Exchange at 3484 Intercolonial St (off Kempt Rd). We have over 6500 square feet of OUTSIDE play area for our dogs! We run both Group and Private training classes dealing with a wide range of issues from teaching basic manners to addressing aggression issues. We also feature quality retail toys and food products that you can't get anywhere else designed with your pet's mental health in mind!"

They are the only institutional doggy day care on the Halifax peninsula with an outdoor play area - and I am so happy for Tristan, and for the dogs of Halifax that this service has been made available - I'm sure they're going to have great success!

You can find out more about the facility on their Facebook page!

I was so sorry to hear yesterday that Bark & Fitz on Doyle Street here in Halifax had closed down - Christine Greening had loved that store into such a success story for 5 years, taking it from a kiosk in the Historic Properties to the store on Doyle Street - I am always very sad when a dog service disappears.

One of the groomers from the store - Addison White had previously emailed me that he had found a grooming salon that he'd gotten a job at if you had gotten your dogs groomed by him and wanted to follow him to his new salon. He is now located at Kibble N Clips on 485 Sackville Dr in Lower Sackville, the phone number there is(902) 865-5244 - it's located in the lower level of the Sackville Animal Hospital

This coming Saturday is the next "Meow Mover" super adoption event being sponsored by my favourite group (because I'm involved with them!) Second Chance Charity for Animals out in Lower Sackville at the Sackville Community Centre, on 45 COnnelly Road (just up from Kent's).

There will be 25 plus cats/kittens on site ready for adoption, plus sales of new and quality used items including artwork, dishes, antiques, toys, cutlery, etc. 10 am - it all starts at 10am, and admission $1.00

This is Ollie! He's my newest foster dog - you've seen him here a couple of times - and he's looking for a home - he's a long haired chihuaua - and he's available through Atlantic Small dog Rescue - he's a beautiful little guy with just a couple little quirks - so if you're pretty easy going and willing to love love love - Ollie is the dog for you! Here is a link to Ollie's Petfinder Page -

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  1. Happy to hear about Tristan's new venture, we need all the positive trainers and facilites we can get (especially after what I witnessed this morning - someone smashing their dog in the face after they called him and he did as he was told - they are the jerk having thie dog at large with no leash or collar - my rant for the day!).

    I too am very sad to hear about the loss of Bark & Fitz. Christine was a true gem and so in her element in the store. I hope she can re-open somewhere else.

    Joan, you're living my dream, I'd love to be able to foster and have lots of fur & slobber flying around and everything else that goes with it. Bless you for having such a kind and open heart. Foster parents provide such a valuable service.