Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zues's last update

Many, many people who read this blog know Zues. He was one of the public faces of the Celtic Pets debacle of a few years ago.

He was one of the dogs who had a happy ending though after having lived many years of hell under the abusive, torturous hands of the abusers MacIsaac Zonda and her mother Alice.

It was almost 4 years ago to the day - in July, 2008 when he as adopted by his current Dad, and he actually got the life he so deserved - living a beautiful life - and since then we've all gotten to enjoy regular updates about him.

I got an update tonight - one that inevitable I suppose, but one that we never want to hear.

In the last months Zues has inexorably aged - and only has days left to enjoy the life he so much has loved since July of 2008.

His Dad sent us all a short video of snippets taken of Zues from the last few months for us to enjoy.

Zues has been a dog that belonged to everyone - and now we will all feel the agony that comes when they pass - even when it's from something wonderful like the gift of old age.

Zues, please say hello to all the other Celtic Pets dogs who have gone before you - like Scupper, Jackie and Sasha, and the Celtic Pets six - they are all waiting for you.

Here's the video sent by Zeus's Dad -


  1. rottnmom9:01 PM

    The tears are falling as I type this. Zeus, your face has long been forever etched in my memory. Your picture from CP has moved from computer, to computer to laptop. Through the horror and tragedy that was Celtic Pets I longed for news, good news of your fate. When I learned that you had finally received what you had deserved your entire life I didn't think I could feel more emotional. But I was wrong. To know that you must now leave us, leave the person who took you into his arms and heart, after such a short time is beyond painful.

    I ask this of you before you cross the Bridge.......look into the eyes of your human, let him know how special he is and also let him know that you understand he is giving you the ultimate gift. The gift of eternal freedom.

    When you reach the other side, find my sweet Sasha and all the others.........and wait for us there.

    <3 Janet