Friday, June 1, 2012

Yarmouth NS Dog mauling nets serious, serious jail time for dog owner

This week the conviction came down for Gary Joseph Woods and victim Noella MacIntosh in the May 2011 mauling in Yarmouth Nova Scotia that left Noella permanently disfigured - and brought Nova Scotia to the brink of province wide bsl.

Mr Woods was sentenced to 90 days of intermittent jail time, to be served on weekends, and one year of probation - and during that time he's not allowed to own any dogs. He was convicted of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

In the Chronicle Herald article it says that since the attack he has become a changed man - I certainly hope that at least he has started locking the doors to his house - because if he had done that - none of this would have happened. He had previously said that because he had his dogs in his house - he didn't need to lock his doors - daring people to come into his house I guess.

Mr Woods let everyone down - he let his dogs down - he did not protect them from doing the damage to humans that they were obviously capable of - whether or not he trained them to do that - and he let Noella MacinTosh down - by leaving his doors unlocked. So he definitely was guilty of a crime.

I have said in previous posts that it doesn't matter that the dogs were pit bulls - there are numerous other breeds of dogs that could do the same damage that Ms MacIntosh received that day - it's just too bad for the pit bull type breed that Mr Wood chose to have that breed in his house - and for Nova Scotia and the ensuing chaos that ensued in the following months.

Looking at the Yarmouth town's website - they have written and passed a HORRIBLE dog bylaw that was passed in November 2011 - go and have a look at it.

The town officials can basically shoot on sight any dog that moves or barks funny. It's such a shame - they had the opportunity to write a dog bylaw for the 21st century and they had an EPIC FAIL. Such a shame. At least it doesn't have bsl in it - thank dog for that.

But I do think that it's fabulous that Mr Woods got 3 months in prison. People who don't take their dog ownership seriously and treat their dogs like ammunition and toys to scare other people - should take note that using a living sentient being for those uses is really not a good idea. The Criminal Code of Canada views a crime as a crime - even if it's being done by a living being that you've abuse enough to harm something.


  1. Hear ! Hear ! You said it all Joan.

  2. This is Gary woods and i have 2 words for all of ya ...f _ck you ! People like you make me sick cause all you believe is what you see or hear from the media...before you people run your mouth about something you don't have any clue what took place on that date shut the f ck up..

  3. What's the old saying? Don't believe everything you read !!! She had no reason to come to my house and I had two set of doors which she open and walked into my home knowing I had dogs ....she didn't knock or yelled my name cause my dogs would of bark for sure... She thought she was going to rob me for what ever she could steal ...they forgotten to mention she was a drunk and thief ...she got caught lying in her statement and didn't even showed up for trial ...she told me herself it was her fault and she didn't want to go threw this but the pigs pushed and pushed until they got what they wanted ...a lot of crazy people mad at me for something I did not do ...I don't treat my dogs bad I show them love and that's why they protect our home... the pigs don't do there job correct around yarmouth ..the pigs only tell what people want to hear ...ftp

  4. Gary - I wish you would have ready my other posts about you on this blog - because I was on your side, not the lady who got bitten.

    Some blog posts I'd like to have you read are -