Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bark & Fitz has some great dog groomers!

I've been struggling for the last couple years to find a good groomer - one that isn't all the way over in Cole Harbour, and one that answers their phone, and one that actually gives a good hair cut.

And I think I've finally find found one - I took both Bubby and Sidney to one of Bark & Fitz's groomers on the weekend - her name is Kim - and she was super! The above picture is their before picture - and these 2 photos are their after pictures.

Kim was super gentle - it turns out that Bubby is very laid back and Sidney is a bit of a diva! I thought it was going to be the opposite - and they got the exact grooms that I wanted. I of course took Buttercup with me and we spent the time downtown shopping, and when we were done shopping there are tables and chairs outside Bark & Fitz where we hung out and enjoyed the neighbourhood - very classy. So Buttercup had fun too - probably especially since she didn't also get her hair cut!

I think it's great that there's a couple talented dog groomer's - Addison and Kim - right in the downtown Halifax core - so you can drop off your dog for a couple hours, get stuff done - and then you get back a beautiful perfect dog. Bark & Fitz continues to do all the thinking for us! Yay!

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  1. i still don't understand how you managed to land the 2 cutest pups...um... EVER!!!