Sunday, April 1, 2012

Video so cute you want to tear their faces off

I took some video today of Sidney and Bubby playing - it's pretty cute - they are a very good looking couple of dogs when they are together.

If you'll notice - Sidney is tucked into my side as he's playing with Bubby - Bubby has become a humping machine - so Sidney takes refuge next to me when they are doing serious wrestling so that the humping isn't an issue - he is such a cute little guy. If only I could get him to stop shitting on my living room rug. I'm sure there are better days ahead on that count.

You can see in the video what Buttercup thinks of Sidney - she is still not impressed by the interloper 2 weeks in - but you'll also see that when she starts growling that Bubby immediately goes over to her to see what's wrong - so their relationship hasn't changed - but poor Sidney has not gotten any breaks from her - it's the old cliche - 2's a company, 3's a crowd. Maybe if I get a 4th then things will even out. What do you think! haha! I don't think Buttercup would agree!


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