Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OT: The stupidest thing HRM Council has ever talked about

I have by time talked about dog politics as it relates to HRM Council on this blog - and I felt compelled to say something about the foolishness that's currently going on at Council about the naming of the "Oval" and whether or not the city should take sponsor money from a beer company.

They have wasted literally days on whether or not to take $400,000 over 10 years from Molson for advertising space on the skating oval at the Halifax Commons.

Forget about arguing about cats - this has got to be the biggest waste of time that HRM Council has ever spent their time on.

Do you know what I think HRM should do?

They should add up every hour that they've debated on the subject - and donate the salaries that they've "earned" while they've been talking about this unbelievably inane subject - and I'd bet it would amount to way over $400,000 - and then they could put up pictures of each of their faces on the side of the oval - the best advertisement ever - political stupidity.

That's what I think HRM Council should do.

I think that would also be a good use of my tax dollars too - give it to the oval instead of their salaries that they used debating such a non-sensical subject - over and over and over.

What a bunch of maroons - it shows what priorities this Council really has - all fluff and bluster and no substance whatsoever - why don't they talk about actual business of the city instead. Stupid asses.

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  1. Agree. The problem might be that when HRM municipal politicians have to relinquish their pay whenever they waste time, and taxpayers' dollars, on irrelevant issues discussed till the cows come home, they'd quickly plug up the food banks.