Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fil, the king of Seaview Park

After Hurricane Juan hit - I used to go to Seaview Park every day - and I mean we went every day without fail - and there were a group of other people who also went there every day at the same time - 6pm
Among that group was a family named Cathy and her husband Frank and their dogs Fil and Buddy - and Fil was the undenied king of Seaview.
He was a majestic german shepherd that Cathy and Frank had rescued from a desperate situation and turned into a beautiful dog, and he initiated each new dog that joined the "6'oclock clique"
Really, when I got the email this morning that he had died - I couldn't believe that he'd lived to be this old - so Frank and Cathy took wonderful care of Fil, and he had a wonderful life after they rescued him. He was a lucky dog, a beautiful dog - and a wonderful specimen of his breed.
I'm sure it's going to take a long time to get over Fil - and there will never be another dog like Fil who will take his place at Seaview Park - he was a once in a lifetime dog at that park - the people who go there will miss him forever. He was an awesome dog.

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