Wednesday, November 2, 2011 and Banfield Charitable Trust

A little while ago I met a lovely lady at Seaview Park who is the head of an organization called - an organization that works to keep senior people and their senior pets in their home for as long as possible.

I thought that is such an awesome initiative.

I see everyday the effects that elderly dogs have on an elderly person because I have my 17 year old dog Buttercup living with me and I also have my 82 year old father living with me - and the relationship they have is really special. If they didn't have each other both of their worlds would be very poverty stricken - especially my Dad's - he's home with my dogs' every day, and I'd say some days it's the thing that keeps him going.

Banfield Charitable Trust looks like it's an American organization that is raising money to help feed animals who's owners can't afford to feed them - especially seniors - which sounds goood to me - they have a website and a facebook page to check out, and they currently have a national pet food drive going on to feed hungry pets going on with Pedigree and Royal Canin on their Facebook page - "For every new like we receive on their Facebook page in November and December, PEDIGREE® Brand and Royal Canin® will donate a pound of pet food. Their pet food drive program is unique in its collaboration with a network of local partners to ensure strategic and effective distribution of donations to some of the most vulnerable pet owners. They will work with local partners across the country to distribute the donations in 2012, as well as make pet food grants to nonprofits like Meals on Wheels to purchase food when the food drive donations have run out. "

That sounds like a win-win situation to me and worth noting.

So check out and Banfield Charitable Trust - old dogs and old people need to stay together. It's a good thing.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Joan. It is always inspiring to us to hear stories about seniors and the beautiful bond they have with pets. We hear every day from seniors who say their pet is their primary source of companionship, and, in some instances,their reason for getting out of bed every day. Helping financially struggling seniors cover the cost of pet food can make the difference between keeping a pet and being forced to surrender them. Thank you for spreading the good word.

    Jodi Heintz at Banfield Charitable Trust