Sunday, May 15, 2011

A star is born

My favourite purebred dog - the entlebucher Sante has begun her show career, and yesterday I went to check her out at the Dartmouth Kennel Club show.
It's unfortunate that not many entlebucher's are being shown locally - the breed has been recognized by the CKC since 2000, and by the AKC only since 2010 - and when Sante went into the ring yesterday the judge asked her handler - "how do you pronounce the name of this dog?" - so that wasn't a good sign that he was going to know everything about her breed standard!
But it is for sure that she is a pretty much perfect example of her breed in every way - and when she finds a judge who knows that - she'll win big in that show - because Sante is a super beautiful dog - so much so that she has her own category on this blog!
I think she showed beautifully yesterday, did everything perfectly - and is on her way to being a beautiful show dog - just like she is a perfect model of dog clothes like she has been in previous posts - I hope she has as much fun in the ring as she's had in her previous modelling career - I look forward to watching her in the coming months!

This is Sante in her personalized dog crate - she even has a lovely, colour coordinated style when she's resting! haha!

I really do love going to the dog shows - there are so many people there who love their dogs - and their dogs love them. I was walking through - and I saw this lady who was grooming this little dog - and I could not believe how patiently the dog was just laying there - actually falling asleep while the lady was pulling and poking in around her eyes - and I had to stop and ask if I could take a couple pictures - because whenever I try to groom Buttercup - she curls up into a tight little ball.
As much as I love Buttercup, and she loves me - she will not let me touch her in certain ways - so it just amazed me that this dog would let this lady touch her in that way - that they had that level of trust with each other - they are  - and this little girl is 11 months old. She is so gorgeous - I am so used to seeing shih-tzu's with totally bugged out eyes that are just about to pop out of their eye sockets that it was refreshing to see a nicely bred one.

I also met this very lively little havanese and his breeder Mom - "Little Wonders Havanese" - this guy's name is Sky - and he was very cute!
I don't know that I've ever met a havanese in person before - so I was very happy to meet him - and know that there's a good havanese breeder locally - he was definitely very full of personality, and wanted us all to be down at his level - he would have gotten along with Buttercup very well!
When I saw this dog - I think it's a saluki - I was mesmerized - I know I took extremely shitty pictures - but I had to include them
He/she was just so beautiful in every way - when I saw the dog from across the room I was instantly in love.

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  1. Thank you for you kind words... it warmed my heart... I do care for my dogs so very much!