Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yummy - a new book!

Today I went out to Chapter's to have a look at a book - "Dog Inc" - by John Woestendiek - its about dog cloning and people's obsessive needs for companionship - and it has a section on a dog named Trackr and his owner Jamie Symingtom who used to be a police officer here in Halifax - and the author and I emailed back and forth several times in 2008 asking me for information about the story - so I went out and checked to see if there was an acknowledgements section to the book and if he had thanked people who had helped him with information for the book and there wasn't - so that was good enough for me - and I did NOT buy the book based on that - I was feeling rather prima-donna-ish when I was at Chapter's this afternoon I guess! hhmmpphh.
Instead I bought a book that actually did sound interesting and looked like a book I'd want to read - "A Dog's Purpose" - by W. Bruce Cameron" - I can't wait to start reading it. When I was standing at Chapters looking at it I had to tear myself away from it in order to go and pay for it - so that was a good sign - especially since I rarely read fiction.

Mostly I only read dog stuff that's utilitarian - my attention span is way too short to handle anything that doesn't have something to do with getting something practical done. You could call it an eccentric quirk.

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  1. "A dog's Purpose"
    I will have to check out that book.
    Hope you enjoy it!

    Margie :)