Friday, January 14, 2011

Stuff to do coming up

There's some fun stuff to do coming up, so I thought I'd do up one of my semi-regular posts to let you all know about some of the things that have passed through my inbox.

If you're up for it this weekend - the group "Great Danes of Nova Scotia" is having one of their patented group walks down at Point Pleasant Park - they're meeting up January 16th (Sunday) morning at 11am at the Tower Road entrance. So if you've got a great dane - or if you just love the breed - you can have any kind of dog to go - go have a walk!

Also happening on Sunday morning is a volunteer meeting for Pierre's Alley Cat Society - the workers behind the workhorse that is the "Dockyard Cats" - if you've ever thought that you'd like to help out "Pierre the Catman" - this is your perfect opportunity! They are meeting up Sunday at 12 noon at the Sobeys Community Room, Lacewood Drive, in Clayton Park

Coming up on February 12th East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is doing their part for helping the lovelorn by hosting a dance at the Cole Harbour Fire Station - you can see the details on the picture at left - or you can also go to their Facebook page by following this link I've provided heerreeee

February 20th is the 6th annual Doggie Expo from the Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada folks - it's the highlight of the season - and NOT to be missed. It is so much fun. It's going to be at the Halifax Forum again - Young Street entrance from 10am to 3pm - I've detailed all the past years of the Expo in minutaie in past blog posts if you want to check it out.

I have made some updates to my Charlie Loves Halifax website and added some new websites, which is fabulous - it means that new dog businesses have opened, which means that our local dog culture continues to be vibrant and growing and people see that there's money to be made.

There's a new local online pet store called "My Petfood" - they had an article published in the Chronicle Herald this week about them, which was super for them

There's also a new dog walking company called "Walkees" - who is a former vet tech from Carnegy Animal Hospital

As well - the NS SPCA is starting to gear up for an Animal Wellness Conference that they're hosting June 3rd and 4th 2011 - so keep your calendar clear for those 2 days so that you can make sure you go to that! It's going to be a ton of fun - of that I am sure - and FOR SURE - keep October 8th and 9th free for the Nova Scotia Integrative Pet Health Expo - that is going to be the funnest thing you're going to go to all year - guaranteed!!

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  1. we're having our quarterly berner meeting at seaview park at 230pm - going to be lots of BMD's there taking over the park!