Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Buttercup takes a stuffed toy on a journey

So Buttercup got a new toy from Shopper's Drug Mart - and she loves it -
Last night we had some fun playing with it, this is a little photo representation of our adventure...

It has a squeak to it - but it doesn't have the normal squeak - it's got a "honk" - so it makes it an even funner toy than usual
It revs up the play a bit because it makes the toy a bit scary as well as being fun for Buttercup for some reason.
And for being sixteen years old - she still likes to play tug - which is amazing, because I'd figure that most of her teeth are ready to fall out - but it would seem that she's not ready to give up quite yet
So please enjoy these few pictures of her playing last night, they were fun to take - and she enjoyed herself, that's for sure
She has definitely still got a lot of get up and go


  1. sweet love that buttercup still plays

  2. there's my girl still going strong! it is always a good day when Buttercup posts.