Monday, December 6, 2010

Super Interesting! Something new on the Homeward Bound Website

Someone pointed out to me today something that has magically appeared on the Homeward Bound Pound's website today - a line of typing just a little bit down from the top of the page - that hasn't been there previously, and it says -

"Homeward Bound City Pound is proud to be a No-Kill facility."

That is so interesting, don't you think?

What I find most interesting about this statement - coming from a for-profit business - is that - there is no way that we can find out whether or not that line is the truth or not - they have not, and will not publish their statistics telling us that they are in fact a "no-kill facility" - so that statement is in fact meaningless - it's like a product calling themeslves "earth friendly" when in fact it's got all kinds of chemicals in it. It's very easy to call yourself "no kill" when you have no transparency whatsoever.

They COULD be killing 50% of the animals that come in - but because 50% of the animals fail the temperament test that they're giving them - they can still call themselves "no kill" - because they ARE adopting out all the animals that THEY consider to be healthy and adoptable. It is a VERY disingenuous way to do business.

ONLY when they publish their ACTUAL intake statistics, and their euthanasia statistics - can they have ANY hopes of having that line have any chance of being credible to ANYONE who knows anything about actual no-kill organizations.

Sorry about that, Homeward Bound Pound.

On that note - last week I DID actually submit a Freedome of Information Request to the HRM's Police department - along with the requisite Five dollar cheque that's required - to request any and all documents pertaining to Homeward Bounds intake statistics, euthanasia statistics - and their method of euthanasia since April 1st of 2010.

According to the HRM's website - they have to respond to me within thirty days.

We'll see what kind of information they provide to me - and I will most dutifully provide it here very shortly afterward.

And if they refuse to provide that information - I think we'll know for sure then what a crock of shit that "no kill facility" tagline is. I don't imagine there'll be any doubt about that at that point. So I'm looking forward to getting the results of that request.

ps - I did fix the typo on the year before I mailed in the request - so the copy that went to the city does in fact say "2010" - not "201" - like it does on the photo in this blog post....

Stay tuned.

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