Saturday, December 18, 2010

It was all good news today - we gave away $5,000!

Today I went to the Christmas party for the little rescue that I volunteer with - "Second Chance - Charity for Animals" - and it was a lot of fun, because we got to divide up the money that's been taken in during the last six months and give it out to the charities that raise the money for.
In previous years almost all monies raised went straight to the NS SPCA - this year the SPCA continues to be the main benefactor - but we've started to spread the money around a little bit more because our fearless leader Nancy Northcott needed to find new and innovative ways to find volunteer's - and she did that by giving a dollar value to volunteer hours - and it's worked really well - for our volunteer base - and for the rescues that we're able to give money to - and it showed today when Nancy was writing the cheques.

As well today - we also gave little gifts to the heads of the rescues that we raised monies for because we're pretty sure that they don't get too many gifts from other places! So when we give them their cheques - they'll also get a little something else nice too!

Because of the hard work of Nancy Northcott and the volunteers at Second Chance Charity for Animals - the yard sales that you hear about outside the SPCA in Dartmouth, the sale of a whole bunch of quilt fabric that she had this year - the stall that we have at the Dartmouth Harbourview Weekend Market - the great work that Nancy does at her work with volunteers there and sponsor matching with her employer at Blue Cross - we've been able to raise over $17,000 this year - which is a lot of money - and it all started out with $800 Nancy raised at her first yard sale.

Nancy is a very hard working lady and deserves so much credit for the work she does raising money for local rescue.

Today she wrote a cheque for $920 to Angela Miller's Taking Action to Protect Animals, a cheque for $1,740 to the SPCA, a cheque for $580 to Sonya's Cat & Animal Rescue Society, a cheque for $810 to Inge Sadler's Pick of the Litter Society, a cheque for $810 to the local Ca-r-ma chapter, and a cheque for $530 to Lori Martin's cat group - "Halifax Feral Rescue Group" - all in all, that's a good chunk of cash to local rescue! It was a really great Christmas party to be at, I must say!

On that note - I pretty much have the coolest dogs in Halifax now thanks to one of the vendors who works at the Harbourview market - his business card is below - he does lots of good stuff - I got matching collars made for all the dogs, as you can see here - with "Dogkisser" stamped into the leather - is that NEAT, or what?!?
You can also have that and have spikes, or rhinestones - or lots of other stuff - put onto the leather as well - he can make tons of stuff out of leather - and he said if you mention that you heard of him because of this blog post - and I'm assuming the secret code word here is "DOGKISSER" - he will donate $5 from each order to the SPCA - so he's also philanthropic!

So if you're at the Harbourview Market - and you want to have the coolest dogs eva - you should get a dog collar made by this guy - and mention the secret code word - "DOGKISSER" - and he will give five bucks to the SPCA! YAY! It's win, win!

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