Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun stuff to do and Dog Friendly stuff

So I've accumulated some stuff to post - so here's some fun stuff.

First and fun is a dog friendly laundromat! I got an email last week from the owner of a new laundromat at 5572 Cornwallis Street in Halifax - it's so exciting! They welcome all dogs, no breed discrimination - and the owners dogs - Terry and Bruno are there quite a bit - it`s a coin operated laundromat with free wi-fi and a weekend drop off service. If you want to check out a photo of the very happy staff (I know I'd be happy if I worked there) - SNAP Halifax was there for their grand opening. I think it's awesome that they've offered this service to the dog owning population of the HRM!

This coming Saturday at 3pm there's going to be a pet parade on Quinpool Road in Halifax - dress up your pet and I'm sure it's going to be cuter than anything you'll see anywhere else in the HRM on a Saturday afternoon! You can also have your pet's photo taken with Santa at the Halifax Veterinary Hospital between 1 and 3pm - and all proceeds go to the NS SPCA - so that all sounds super good to me. I think Buttercup definitely has something to do this coming Saturday.

Santa Pics - everyone is looking for Santa Pics times and places - and this year - they are everywhere, and that's fabulous. I have posted the NS SPCA's Santa Pics on the main page of my Charlie Loves Halifax site - but Janet over at Reigning Cats and Dogs has really done her research and has posted Santa Pics throughout the province - so you should definitely check out her post if you want to get the full scoop - and I know you do.

Janet has also made a super post about all the different rescues having fund raisers - so I don't even have to make that post this year! haha! Thanks Janet! I love it when someone else does the work.

If you're the online shopping type person (like I am) - then I've got some ideas for you as well.

Nathan Winograd wrote a blog post a few days ago with his pick of Christmas ideas, and there were a couple things in there that I thought would be a good idea - most of which I already have - so if you're thinking of buying me any of them - you're already too late unfortunately.

You could buy signed copies of his books "Redemption" or "Irreconcilable Differences" online - but he also has the super idea of just simply donating money to your local SHELTER - ie places like the Dartmouth SPCA, or Bide-a-wile or places like Pick of the Litter, or if you live in Truro - the Colchester SPCA - places like that. You can then say that you've given a donation in that person's name to a shelter in lieu of actual junk that the person wouldn't actually use anyway.

And some places like the Dartmouth SPCA also sell merchandise in their foyer - so if you go to the actual shelter - you could buy some actual junk and then give it as a present - and also be supporting rescue!

If you're into feral cats - or just want to give your much loved cats who go outside in the wintertime a nice place to hang outside in - you might want to think of contacting the people who make these fabulous cat condos down in Cape Breton - this article was in the Chronicle Herald today - they look fabulous and all the money goes to a good cause - and if you wanted to buy a couple and donate them to a couple of the rescues who run feral cat colonies locally - I'm sure you will be going straight to heaven whenever it is you eventually do go to the great beyond.

I am not into live theatre - but this little dog may finally get me to go to Neptune - he's in the current showing there - of the Wizard of Oz! It's not dog friendly of course - but at least you'll get to see this little guy playing Toto!

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