Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I want a new car from Global Pets!

I had an email yesterday and it said that Global Pets is having a contest where the top 2 prizes are 2 brand new Honda Hybrid Insights.

The email said - "Global Pet Foods is searching for a name for their dog and cat mascot and turning to pet parents across Canada for help in the Ultimate Name Dropping Contest! The top prize for best cat and dog name: 2 brand new Honda Hybrid Insights.

From Oct. 4 to Nov. 1, 2010 pet parents across Canada are invited to drop their pet’s name, story and photo in the Global Pet Foods’ Facebook contest for a chance to win 1 of 2 brand new Honda Insight Hybrids. And two lucky runners-up will win free pet food for a year.

Global Pet Foods Fans and your friends will help determine the winners by voting for their favourite dog and cat names on Facebook. Global will then select the ultimate winners from the top 10 dog and cat names with the most votes.

You can also enter The Ultimate Name Dropping Contest at your local Global Pet Foods store.

For entry and full contest rules please visit or any Global Pet Foods location."

I'm going to enter Charlie - because even though it's a normal dog name - it's not normal as to how he got it - we had always named our dogs after famous American composers - my first dog's name was George - after George Gershwin, and then there was Leonard - after Leonard Bernstein - and then there is Charlie - after Charles Ives. And then it stopped - because then I moved into the flowers - Buttercup and Daisy.....

But I would seriously like a new Honda car! See below for details...

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