Monday, September 20, 2010

Benoit Love Shack For Sale

A nice view of the yard
Want to own a humungous amount of dead puppy's bones? Gail Benoit's house is for sale down in Digby, Nova Scotia for only $119,000 - you can own all the puppies that have died on the Benoit/Bailey's in the last 20 or so years that they have operated their puppy brokerage business!

Here's the kitchen
In court they have admitted that they've sold more than 30,000 puppies in the time they've been in the puppy brokerage business. If they've sold that many live puppies - they've probably had a few die on them over the years - and in the below video - they admit that when they die - they bury the ones who don't make it to sale - and I don't imagine they pay to bury them in a pet cemetary!

A shot of the front of the house
So here's the perfect opportunity to get yourself some hallowed canine ground - for a bargain price - don't miss this once in a lifetime chance!!

Here's the barn where they kept the puppies aka as "parvo central"

Here's where you'll find the Benoit cemetery...also known as the "back yard"

Quoted from the below video -
Rick Grant asks:
"If you have 12 dead dogs - where are they?"
Gail Benoit responds:
"After they're dead? If a dog dies you bury it"

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  1. Disturbing on many levels...So where are the gruesome twosome at now?