Sunday, September 5, 2010

Argh - Hurricane Earl!

I am reporting to you from a Starbucks - Hurricane Earl has come and gone from Nova Scotia, but some people still don't have power, and I still don't have internet - and I am very heavily into internet withdrawl and I couldn't take it for one more minute - so I had to go out and get some - internet that is. So here I am. Eastlink has said "they're working hard to restore services and they may have service back within the next day". Next day! So that will be like 3 days without internet.

With Juan I was without power for 10 days - so at least it's not that bad.

This was and is now my backyard - we lost a big tree - I was in the backyard when it happened - videotaping the wind going through the trees - too bad I wasn't taping this tree! I wasn't taping this tree because it wasn't moving - that should have been my first clue, eh? It went down just like "timber!" Really quick. Oh well... what can you do - hopefully the tree removal company won't take weeks to come and remove it.

Here's the video I took of the trees in the back yard -

Later in the afternoon when the storm had stopped I went out and took a few pictures - it was definitely no Juan - there was no devasation like that hurricane - only a few downed trees here and there - not like 2003 when there was huge trees EVERYWHERE - nothing like then, thank dog. Just some limbs and stuff - so if you had a tree down, it was just bad luck
Fore these people on the corner of Rosebank and Newton - it was SERIOUSLY bad luck though
Me and Buttercup took a drive out to the Purcell's Cove lookoff - we didn't go out as far as Crystal Crescent or any of the beaches, I didn't have that much initiative yesterday - but we went out that far, and took a few pictures -
And here's a couple, when my internet's back and I may put up a slide show - I also took a little video too
I'd say that most of the waves had finished up though by the time we were out - there was a pretty good crowd where we were too -

Here's the video I took -

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  1. Thanks Joan - good pics as per usual... it was nice sharing COLD PIZZA with you too ... ha ha