Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hope for Wildlife Open House August 29, 2010

Me and my friend Maureen went to the Hope for Wildlife Society's Open House for a bit on Sunday - and it was packed! Wall to wall people - so much so, that you couldn't really even get in to see the animals. I'd imagine if you had children with you then seeing the animals would have been a big priority, but Maureen and I were more interested in spending money and seeing the facility - there was lots of stuff going on - that's for sure -
There were cars lined way up and down the road - it was almost as bad as sand castle day at Clam Harbour Beach - and for anyone who's been to that beach on that day - you know just what I'm talking about! Luckily they had shuttles going up and down the road or else some people would have been in big trouble with the heat...
They had displays with some of the resident animals which was good for the people passing through -
If you click on this photo you can get an encapsulation of the Sanctuary's story -
Here's a shot of the crew from Nimbus publications who were there to talk about the book "Animal People" that I wrote about a couple weeks ago
And another shot of the crowd -

And here's a shot of the beach across the street from the facility. This would be very nice to live across the street from. This would be awesome.... sigh....

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  1. I've been wanting to see Hope's facility for sometime now and I was sorry to have missed the open house, but given the crowds, it's just as well. Thanks for the write-up.