Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New seminar coming up from Silvia Jay and Adina MacRae!

I am very happy to say that Silvia Jay and Adina MacRae are going to be giving a seminar about dog communication the weekend of September 18th at Happy Hounds Doggy Day care here in Halifax!

It is going to be a super interesting day and we are all going to learn a lot - the first half of the day is going to be talking about dog communication and conflict and play behaviour and how dogs talk to each other and what they do to get along with each other. Silvia and Adina are going to use lots of pictures and videos to show us exactly how dogs communicate with each other - and then in the afternoon we
are all going to go to Seaview Park in the north end of Halifax - an off leash big field style wrestling play style dog park - and we're all going to observe the dogs playing - and Silvia and Adina are going to show us what the dogs are actually doing while they play!

I have seen some of the photos that Silvia is using - and these 2 photos are somewhat close facimiles to what a couple of the photos might be like during the morning presentation.
I don't know, but somehow a couple photos of Buttercup humping Daisy might have been slipped into the presentation somehow - I don't know how that happened, but you might see some shots like that - and hear the explanation of why Buttercup is doing that - so the cost of the day will be worth just that one explanation I think!

It is going to be a TON of fun and we're all going to go home knowing so much more about what our own dogs are saying to each other - and to us as humans.

The cost for the day is going to be $75 - and registrations are limited to 20 people for each day - the same seminar is being given on both Saturday and Sunday - so you will only be coming for either Saturday or Sunday - so only a total of 40 spots are available - and the spots are going to fill up FAST.

Pre-registration and payment is mandatory for this seminar and the cheques have to be post-dated to September 6th - and after that date refunds will not be accepted because there are so few spots for this particular seminar.

Once again you will be going home with fabulous handouts for the day.

You can email to get the address to send your cheques to!

As well - Silvia wrote a blog post today talking a little bit about what the seminar is going to be about, so if you're interested - you should read that blog post! It's at

Hopefully we'll see you September 18th or 19th!

Silvia's website -
Adina MacRae's website -
Happy Hounds website is at
and you can find out more about Seaview Park at and

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  1. Can't wait for this ... should be wonderful. I love to learn and especially from people who I respect.