Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Very bad news for Jackie

I've been taking Jackie out to Westwood Hills every week for him to stay for the day so they could do a glucose curve on him and he hasn't been curving - his glucose has been staying high all day, and when I took him today he wouldn't eat breakfast so I couldn't give him his insulin so they really couldn't do a curve on him they said so they took some blood tests instead and checked his liver again and his liver readings have risen dramatically since the last time they took them so he definitely has some undiagnosed liver disease that is in addition to his diabetes. They also did a breath test and he has ketones in his breath which means that his diabetes is getting worse faster than we can raise the insulin - we have been raising it each
week that he goes out there - from 2 to 4 to 6 and today it was raised to 8 units.

He has been losing weight and it's now quite noticeable - so we have to pretty much acknowledge that he is dying and there's not too much we can do about it but try to make him as compfortable as possible. The key will be to try to get him to eat - and as funny as that sounds - that is becoming harder and harder every day.
I don't know if he has a couple of weeks or a couple of months - I
hope it's the latter, but it is coming. He does seem to be getting a little bit worse each day.

He is comfortable and I don't think he's in pain, if he was in pain he's the kind of dog who would tell me, I'm pretty sure. He really likes sleeping in the bed at night, and when he's hungry he's enjoying his food - so he's got some life, and he's still got dignity - he's got bowel and urine function - he just does it wherever he feels like
- my house currently smells like a barn, but that's okay - it won't smell like that forever.

Jackie has had a hard long life. I hope that the end isn't too awful for him, and when he's ready to go I'll see it coming and do it at the right time.

He's been such a good dog.


  1. oh Jackie and Joan - sighing for you both ... at least you are vigilant and he trusts you and I think he will let you know if he is in distress. Which I had some magic formula to help him to eat - maybe Catherine Lane could give some ideas and of course I know you are probably talking to Maureen.
    Wish I could do something - I feel for you both.
    Sending love
    Janet and the Canine Casbah Crew

  2. Aww crap. That's not the news anyone wants to get. Make the most of the time you have left - it goes by all too fast.

  3. Oh, Joan. I'm so, so sorry to hear Jackie isn't doing so well. Give the little guy some love for me. Thinking about you both...

  4. Oh Joan, that is such sad news. I was really hoping the insulin would work for little Jack. I hope you are doing alright during this hard time and hopefully he has a few months left to add to the wonderful years with you. I'll be thinking of you.

  5. Joan, I'm so sorry to hear about Jackie. After all our CP dogs have gone through it hurts to know that what good life they do get to have is way too short to make up for their past suffering. Hold him close, do what you do best and know that many caring thoughts are coming your way.
    Sasha is not far behind him and I know there will be a joyous reunion at the Rainbow Bridge.


  6. That's too bad about the little guy :( Must be so hard to hear that news. Just remember that you gave him a great life while you had him, and like you said, he's still happy for now :)