Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dog friendly drinking and bars

I have a "google alert" set for the search term "dog friendly" so I get tons of articles about the subject - and I've gotten a lot of good ones recently about dog friendly bars - probably because it's summertime and people like to go out and have fun in the summer.

A couple that stand out are firstly one from England where a couple actually built a pub in their back yard out of a shed that they had previously been housing their motorcycles in - because they didn't have any dog friendly pubs nearby - so they made their own! And that article led me to a lot of fun times surfing around because it became apparent to me fairly quickly that people love their sheds!

I know that I really like the 2 sheds I have in my backyard - and I don't think that the shed that the couple in England built their pub in is much larger than one of my sheds - but it really shows the difference in how much the government controls things - there is NO WAY that anyone of us could open up a bar in our backyard here in North America! We'd be shut down within a week and thrown in jail! But it would probably be a very FUN week! haha!

Maybe it's also because yesterday was "Bring your dog to work day" - so lots of articles were appearing so that people could have somewhere to go after work with their dogs, - I did see one article that was specifically for that - but at least here in Halifax local restauranteurs do seem to allow dog owners to have our dogs on the outside of their patios in the summertime - so we can go downtown and eat outside and pretend like we're eating with our dogs or going to bars and enjoying ourselves outside with our dogs - and don't forget that the Alfresco film festo is coming up soon (starting July 23rd) - which in past years has been dog friendly - so I hope this year it will also be dog friendly - what a great thing that has been for us to enjoy - great films outside in the fresh air - not to be missed!!!

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