Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cirque Estival in Nova Scotia - there's other stuff to do this weekend

The circus is coming to Halifax this weekend - and guess what - there's tons of other fun things to do this weekend than to take your kids to the circus and teach them that it's okay to use animals in ways that they would never choose to be used if they had a choice, so at some point in their life they've been trained with methods that have had to be abusive in order to get them to submit. Of course I'm talking specifically about the elephant named Limba who isn't even going to be here in Nova Scotia because the Department of Natural Resourced refused the Cirque's permit for her to perform here.

It would seem to me that this circus doesn't even need her - so why they are carting the 45 year old elephant across the county is a bit ludicrous - just so they can put her on stage for 7 minutes during their show, doesn't make sense to me. Let her stay in her zoo in Ontario where she can do what she wants. And then people wouldn't have a problem with their circus - unless of course they then start to move on to the smaller animals - but at least it would be a big win for the animal rights people if they got Limba to retire.

So this weekend - there's the Greek Festival, Lab Rescue is having an auction, I'm going to be writing a post about all the fabulous stuff going on tomorrow - there's TONS of stuff going on - you don't need to go to the Circus this weekend. Maybe next year when they come through they'll just have their jugglers and their clowns - and they'll make double the money - wouldn't that be fabulous?

That would make Scott VERY happy, wouldn't it!

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