Thursday, April 29, 2010

NS SPCA warns about Parvo - NFLD SPCA says - don't put pets in trunk of car!

Sooooo - I don't think this is a Newfie joke - it seems that people in Newfoundland are thinking that putting their cats and dogs in the trunk of their cars is an acceptable way to transport their animals. And we all thought that putting loose animals in the back of trucks was super abusing animals - imagine being a dog and being shut into the trunk of a car.

CBC News in Newfoundland is reporting that the SPCA over there is "calling on people to use travel kennels to transport animals after police in eastern Newfoundland stopped a man with a dog in the trunk of his car.

The RCMP officer who pulled the man over near Whitbourne, about an hour west of St. John's, found the driver had put his suitcases on the back seat and a black and white setter in the car's boot.

"Common sense would sort of say, 'Why do you do these things?'" said Debbie Powers, director of the SPCA in St. John's. "The terror that animal must have suffered is pretty horrible."

Powers offered pet owners some advice.

"Go get a proper travelling kennel," she said.

Powers said her organization recently saw a similar case in which somebody locked a cat and kittens in the trunk of a car and then drove for more than an hour from Harbour Grace to St. John's.

She says transportation of animals needs to be addressed in the new animal protection legislation the provincial government is expected to table this spring."


And before you say this story is just a non-story, like some of the commenters at the bottom of this article - look to a story in the Washington Post where some mothers were charged with reckless endangerment after putting their children in the trunk of their car - for various reasons - one because they said the kids "wanted" to be in the trunk, and another because the front of the car was too crowded with other kids and a dog - but it's interesting what the attorney talking in the story says about the kids - and the dog in the story -

"I don't understand -- they're children, not pets. Not that you would put your pet in the trunk. They're not cargo, I should say."

So true - it's one instance where we really can compare our dogs to children - locking any sentient being in the trunk of a car truly is cruel and unusual punishment.

Over here in Nova Scotia - the Nova Scotia SPCA is warning people that there is an outbreak of parvo locally -

And as of Thursday afternoon - April 29th - the Chronicle Herald is reporting that the outbreak is linked to an area around Shubie Park in Dartmouth - so be careful in that area if you frequent there - I've posted that article after the SPCA's press release -

Here is what they said in their press release -

SPCA alerts public to take caution after a number of cases of Parvovirus reported
Nova Scotia (April 28, 2010) –In the last two weeks, the Nova Scotia SPCA has had a number of calls from both veterinarians and the public about animals contracting Canine Parvovirus. “The number of reported cases appears to be unusually high,” said Executive Director, Kristin Williams with the Nova Scotia SPCA who also said that the organization has seen at least 15 individual cases reported in HRM recently and suspects the number is actually higher. She added “dog owners should take this opportunity to get informed about the risks and take precautions.”

Canine Parvovirus is a contagious viral disease affecting dogs which can be deadly. Typically puppies are more susceptible than adult dogs, but all unvaccinated dogs are at high risk. The disease is transmitted through contact with infected dogs, which may not show any clinical signs, or contact with the feces of an infected dog. Clinical signs include vomiting and diarrhea, which is often bloody.

Helpful Tips:

Inspect areas where dogs recreate and exercise
Ensure that your dog is up to date with vaccinations
Seek vet care if you suspect your dog is infected or has been exposed
Do not take unvaccinated dogs, especially puppies to off leash parks

Parvovirus outbreak linked to area of Shubie Park

Thu. Apr 29 - 3:41 PM
Dog owners are being warned about recent cases of canine parvovirus in animals who've been in the Shubie Park area, from the Shubenacadie Canal to Dartmouth Crossing.

A local veterinary hospital passed the information along to the Halifax Regional Municipality, which released the warning today.
Posters have been placed in park to notify owners.

The SPCA had already issued a notice of an increase in the number of cases of parvovirus.

The virus is transmitted when a dog comes into contact with the feces of an infected animal.

The intestinal tract is where most of the damage occurs when it enters the body. The virus can kill a dog. It's most serious for puppies, but the disease can also be fatal for adult dogs.

Vomiting, watery and foul-smelling bloody diarrhea, weight loss, and lethargy are all symptoms. The incubation period is three to seven days.

HRM is reminding dog owners ofthe importance of picking up after their pets.


  1. Anonymous3:47 AM

    My dog chills out in the trunk of my car and he rather enjoys it but... he has the option of where to chill. I keep my seats down and allow him access to the whole car while we drive. It's sick that people would throw their pets in the trunk and think that acceptable...another reason i dislike the majority of the human race.

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Allowing your animal access to your whole car while driving isn't much safer.

    If you're ever in an accident, your pet becomes a dangerous projectile. If we need seat belts, why wouldn't your pet?

  3. Um, safety isn't really the point of this article - it's abuse - locking a dog (or a child) into a dark black box that he doesn't understand why he's being locked int there and then all of the sudden he realizes that the earth is moving under him and all kinds of scary noises are happening around him and he has no control over what's happening - and every few seconds he's tossed around because the car turns a corner or the car comes to a stop or accelerates - and he's tossed around like a damp rag in the trunk - that's the point of this story - at least riding loose in the car the dog can see around him and knows what's going on. And has the security of knowing that his owner is right there.

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    And why haven't you reported on the important news about Brindi?

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