Friday, April 9, 2010

A great new blog - and Care Bear's life did not go unnoticed

I found out about a great new blog today. It's from the resident cat Hissy Elliott, a three-year-old feline living at the Oromocto SPCA - with help from the shelter`s manager Tracy Marcotullio. It's a shelter I've talked about on this blog before because they're a very busy shelter, and have done some good things in the past - and also because they were the shelter that took in this little dog - who's name at one time was Ronald, but when he went to his forever home - became "Care Bear".

The blog looks great - and will be a good one to read regularly, because I'm sure that "Hissy Elliott" will have lots of fun things for us to read and keep track of - so make sure you become a follower and check in regularly - congratulations to Tracy for starting it up! Yea! The blog is at

I read there today that Care Bear has passed on - which is sad - he was one of the lone surviving pomeranians who his "owner" - Keith Barton, a pomeranian "breeder" - tried to smash all of his dogs heads in before the SPCA tried to seize them - because he couldn't bear to part with them. He was found not guilty of cruelty - except for Care Bear and a couple others who he didn't manage to actually pummel to death - and was fined for their suffering.
I've talked about the story several times on the blog which I'll link to below at the end of the post - but I'd like to think that this little dog led to new regulations that came into effect this week in New Brunswick - New rules for pet stores, kennels and animal shelters - that Pets will be better protected in New Brunswick thanks to stricter rules proposed by government.

I think that's great, and maybe Care Bear's little life made a difference to the people who saw that he actually did suffer horrible abuse at the hands of his "owner".

Here is an article about the new regulations in New Brunswick -

FREDERICTON (CNB) – Pets will be better protected in New Brunswick thanks to stricter rules proposed by government.

Local Government Minister Chris Collins announced today that the provincial government plans to adopt a new regulation under the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Act which will define specific standards for pet establishments, such as pet stores, animal shelters and kennels, and enable their licensing and inspection.

“This new regulation will fulfill the New Brunswick SPCA’s request for greater enforcement powers and will help them protect animals and reduce the instance of abusive situations such as puppy mills,” said Collins. “The comprehensive standards proposed under this new regulation will make New Brunswick one of the few provinces to oversee pet establishments to such a high degree.”

The changes will apply to both commercial and non-commercial establishments in municipalities and rural areas. Commercial pet operations include kennels and pet stores while non-commercial operations include animal shelters. In addition, owners of more than five dogs, over six months of age, will be required to adhere to nationally established standards of care for those animals.

“We welcome this new regulation that the Government of New Brunswick is putting in place,” said Joy Bacon, president of the New Brunswick SPCA. “It will give the society a broader mandate, permit us to have better oversight of pet stores and kennels, and enable us to prosecute those who willfully neglect their animals.”

Establishments selling animals considered livestock will be exempt from pet licensing requirements as will grooming facilities, training operations, research and educational facilities, veterinary clinics boarding animals for medical reasons and boarding and riding stables for horses. Licenses will not be required for circuses and zoos.

“We value the partnership the provincial government has with the New Brunswick SPCA and will continue to support its delivery of programs relating to animal protection,” said Collins.

Talking about Ronald and the Oromoctor SPCA - "New Brunswick SPCA's and their shelters seem to be doing things right!"

When Keith Barton was having his trial - "the difference between selling your car and setting it on fire"

When Keith Barton was convicted - "a dark day for dog respect in New Brunswick"


  1. Thanks Joan for the kind words about our shelter. We agree...CareBear's life did not go unnoticed. Because of him, many will survive.

  2. OH MY DOG - tears in my eyes, a flood of emotion in my heart but some joy too .. knowing that folk like Tracy and all the caring staff in Ormocto did everything they could do for CareBear as they do for others. They brought to light the need for HUMANITY to live up to being HUMANE.. what a sweet sweet dog - his image will always be with me ... and I pray that soon change will happen so that no animal is ever be abused and many more will survive and know love...