Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't hold your breath for closure

Tomorrow is another - and supposedly the last - court date for Brindi, and her owner Francesca Rogier.

I'm not holding my breath that we'll be getting any closure on the story. I think that probably both sides will give their reasons why Brindi should be put down (the prosecutions side) - which isn't dealing with the root of the problem anyway, because the real problem - the owner, can just go out and get another dog, not train contain and socialize it properly and cause it to be a danger to society and we'll be in the same place at another time - and the other side - the defendent - Francesca Rogier - will give her reasons why Brindi should live - thereby looking like the good guy in the case.

And because the Judge will want to make the right decision - she will probably reserve her decision - meaning she will not make any decisions tomorrow - so we'll still be waiting for a decision on the case past tomorrow - so there will be no closure tomorrow.

Which really bothers me - because I personally want this whole debacle to be over.

I am really sick and tired of all the bashing of local institutions and people that is going on in the name of Francesca Rogier and Brindi that is going on. Sick and tired of it. So angry that I could spit.

The organization "Canada my let's Adopt" is one of those organizations that has got me particularly worked up tonight. They have slandered the Nova Scotia SPCA for awhile - but their post today is just above and beyond what any kind of post that an actual responsible organization would write - I am just speechless.

They put out a blog post with really inflammatory photos of animals suffering and talk about high euthanasia rates - and then put a link to the Nova Scotia SPCA's adoption and euthanasia statistics for 2009 - and had the gall to say that they think that their "kill" statistics seemed high.

This is the kind of writing that supporters of Francesca Rogier have been writing for the past 21 months - and I am so sick and tired of it I could scream.

Do I want Brindi to die in order for it to stop? Of course not, that would be ridiculous - but I think that Francesca Rogier could ask these organizations and individuals to stop slandering the area that she chose to move to - because we certainly did not ask to be treated this way.

There's another blog that's written a lot of horrible trash because of this case - the "Titanic Bugle" - saying things like "I hope anyone outside of Nova Scotia reading this gets an idea of the kind of people running the place up there so that you can plan your next holiday a long ways away from it."

Although the guy is a total nutbar - here is what he says about Canadian seal hunters - "In a large sense, the sealers themselves should be forgiven. They are uneducated, unsophisticated men who live lonely, desperate, frighteningly boring lives, even when surrounded by their families. They know no god but envy and greed. Their only hope in life is in the lottery on which many of them waste away their pay, that is, what is left of their pay after they spend it on spirits and pornographic magazines"

So long story short - at this point I don't give a flying fuck where Brindi goes - I just want the thing to end. PLEASE, someone - make a decision and end the torture so that all this garbage will stop and the arseholes will move on to new more interesting targets - like actual animal abusers, instead of humane organizations that are actually out there saving lives and helping animals. For the love of God, people...


  1. The Let's Adopt! Canada blog is as big of a joke as the NS Truth Fact or Fiction blog. It serves pretty much the same purpose and does about as much for rescue. I can't believe these people actually consider themselves a rescue group.

  2. GOB SMACKED and praying to DOG that this case is finally ended however if the Judge decides to 'rehome' Brindi - FR has stated publically that she will appeal therefore Brindi will remain incarcerated ... it is all such a mess and poor Brindi is paying the price. Sickening and sad all around.

  3. Totally agree with you both