Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jeff De La Rosa

Last January, Francesca Rogier brought a man by the name of Jeff de la Rosa into my life. He had a dog named Stu who had been impounded in Los Angeles for 4 years and his story was very similar to Francesca's - he felt that Stu had been seized illegally and he had dedicated his life to freeing Stu - and he had been using the internet and the international dog community to try and do that.

For some reason Jeff decided to focus on me and became very abusive towards me,leaving numerous comments to my blog - which I never published because they were personal attacks against me - threatening me personally - even going so far as to create what he called a "parody" blog of this blog - calling it "Me and my big fat mouth" - saying things like - "Joan Sinden will not be allowed to continue to exert her perceived power over anyone, ever again." and "Check your doorstep, your lawsuit should be there any day now. Cretin. Yes, this is proper writing. It's called "style" and is not to be confused with poor English and worse grammar. The difference here, Joanie baby, is that our Joan posts ALL comments with no fascist "moderating" of dissenting opinions."

The man has some issues. In July, 2009 the issue of his dog Stu was finally resolved - he was sent to a sanctuary to be rehabilitated and live out the rest of his life. Los Angeles has good legislation that way - and the right decisions were finally made after almost 5 years, and Jeff lost his fight to have the dog returned to him, and because of some other legal problems - including punching the owner of a rescue called "Barks of Love" in the face - his harassment of me seemed to stop. I figured he had moved on to someone else somewhere else on the internet.

This morning he left 3 new comments on my blog that have compelled me to make this blog post - because I want it written down somewhere publicly about him that he has been harassing me and threatening me.

I've never worried about him before because he's always been in Los Angeles - way on the other side of the continent, but this morning I got some comments frmm that have scared me. And they say -

"Taking a trip. You might want to remove your inaccurate posts. Turns out I can make a complaint in your courts ...even as an American. "

The fact that he says he's "taking a trip" - and that he's threatening he might be coming to Nova Scotia - is to me a deliberate attempt to threaten me I believe.

And I am using this blog post to call him out and say that I will not be threatened by him in silence any longer. I have taken it from him since January, 2009 - and women around North America have taken it from him - probably for many years - but I am not one of those women, sorry Jeff.

If you come here and you approach me or one of my dogs or family, there will be consequences.

I would also like to mention that Jeff is #25 on Francesca Rogier's list of "special people in her life" - 10 spots above Ted Efthymiadis - the trainer who is supposed to be assessing Brindi to judge whether or not Brindi is safe to go out into society, and also who is going to draw up a rehabilitiation program for Brindi and Francesca once Brindi is sent back to Francesca - free of charge, because he feels so strongly that Brindi should go back to her owner.

ps - I chose that photo of Mr. De la Rosa on purpose amongst other photos that I could have chosen. Imagine if you were being held in such a manner as Jeff is holding that dog - with his finger pulling your underarm skin so tightly. His finger is almost impaling that dog in his armpit. That dog in that photo is in PAIN because of the way that Jeff is holding him. When you look at that photo you can clearly see what kind of a dog owner this man is. It's right there in that photo.


  1. You might just want to let him know that threats are against the law here, and he can be charged, even though he is an American :)

    There seems to be a correlation between people who cannot manage their dogs, cannot get along with people, and cannot seem to understand the legal system.

    But of course, it's not at all their fault that they lost their dogs, right?

    Note: I'm not saying that all dog owners who get their dogs taken away are in the wrong, and all Animal Control employees are right - but there is a way to deal with these issues which do not include threats, rants, etc.

  2. Jeff de la Rosa8:02 PM

    You do not have permission to use any photos of me or my dogs. And again, you have your facts wrong. Stu was not "moved to sanctuary" in July. This issue is not closed, even if you mistaken think it is closed. Stu is in the same place he has been since 2007.

    Threats? I have made no threats.

    You also have your facts wrong about me supposedly punching the owner of Barks of Love. She is not the one who made the complaint...which was dismissed because the prosecutor found no evidence.

  3. Actually Jeff, that photo was posted on a public website - Facebook, and Stu is at K9's Only - which is where he's been since 2007 - you're telling the truth there. But Los Angeles released him there to be rehabilitated and stay there for the rest of his life by court order. He's on their facebook site - and
    - you tell SO many lies. Unfortunately for you, I have the truth.

  4. Jeff de la Rosa8:30 PM

    Funny. I didn't get a copy of that Court Order. Why not show us this fictitious court order? That is a complete lie. The fact that a photo is published on a website does not give you permission to use it, especially for defamatory purposes.

  5. Anonymous9:24 PM

    You go girl :) don't let asswipes tell you what to do. I could have sworn I heard he was up on animal cruelty charges. I have to find that.

  6. Wow, what a creep. It takes a real winner to threaten someone on the internet.

  7. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I wonder if Mr. Rosa would sing the same tune if he were living in HRM?

    Sounds like he should start dating Francesca Rogier, but she is already seeing another gentleman; Mr. Karma.

  8. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Sounds to me that Jeff and Francesca are a great match for each other. Both had dogs deemed dangerous slated to be euthanized and they each have spent time and money to get their dogs back. Jeff's dog has been given a stay of execution but not returned to him. He is still trying to get her back....maybe Brindi will also be sent to live out her days in a sanctuary and Jeff and Fran can get married and have puppies.

  9. Anonymous2:04 AM

    It's cute that you say, "For some reason Jeff decided to focus on me and became very abusive towards me,leaving numerous comments to my blog - which I never published because they were personal attacks against me."

    Oh, you delicate flower, you! Lying flower! You DID publish his comments - and after the very first one, which was NOT abusive, you called him an asshole. Maybe that is why he got angry with you.
    Don't you remember that??

  10. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Jeff de la Rosa is a mental case and tortured his dog Stu and many other dogs at his home. He needs to be locked up in a mental institution

  11. Anonymous6:12 PM

    He starved and beat them...Stu was lucky...a few died. What a sicko good.thing he seems to be gone!

  12. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Also the dog in that photo was,covered in maggots when saved from jeffs disgusting house...he was sent to Oregon and now happily adopted

  13. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Jeff was definitely an animal abuser and a nut in general. He killed himself a few days ago.