Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super article about local blog Dogs 4 Point Pleasant Park!

There is a great article today in the Chronicle Herald about the local dog blog Dogs 4 Point Pleasant Park which is run by Trent Boswick. What a nice thing, to read the paper and come upon a happy article on a Sunday morning. It is so important to get happy stories of dog owners out there - to show that responsible dog owners are out there living their lives with their dogs. Super.

A walk in the park
Check it out: Hundreds of dogs think Point Pleasant is pure heaven

HUNDREDS OF DOGS cavort through Halifax’s Point Pleasant Park on a
regular basis and you can see their antics on the web. Visit Trent
Boswick’s blog, Dogs 4 Point Pleasant Park.

Boswick has combined his interests in dogs, the park and photography
into a great forum, especially for dog owners who visit the park. They
see their sidekicks in a new way — as stars of their very own website.

Boswick, a 38-year-old financial adviser with Banco Management Inc.,
was raised to appreciate the joys of canine companionship, growing up
in a Halifax household that almost always included a golden retriever.

Armed with a camera, a great sense of humour and tech savvy, Boswick,
on his daily park outings, captures the best moments as the dogs romp
and show the incredible off-leash joy they get from chasing balls,
sticks, Frisbees and, of course, their playmates.

"I love dogs, technology, and have always had a strong passion for
photography. . . . This gives me the opportunity to express this side
of who I am in a fun way that others can enjoy as well," he said in an
interview at the park.

He’s always on the lookout for new subjects, and although he’s
photographed hundreds of dogs (over 800 at last count), this dog
whisperer runs into new dogs regularly. It would be hard to imagine
anyone who knows as many dogs by name as he does.

Weekend mornings before 10 a.m. are popular times for dogs and owners
to congregate on one of the harbour waterfront sections of the park
and usually Boswick is there.

"Now people are looking for me," he says, noting that people love
having their dogs photographed. His site has grown in popularity, with
daily traffic averaging over 400 hits and totalling over 43,000 since
its inception about a year and a half ago.

And the subjects are varied: petite cairn terriers like Duffy, giant
Bouviers like Salvatore, Maggie, the weeks-old puppy and older animals
like park matriarch Dinah, a gentle, 14-year-old mixed breed.

With an eye for the comedic, Boswick enjoys adding cartoon-style
captions to his pictures and gets great feedback from dog owners who
enjoy their daily dose of doggie humour and the photography.

Boswick would be the first to admit that he is biased — his best
four-legged companion Dexter, a springer spaniel, is featured

Then there’s Daisy, Dexter’s preferred young lady friend, who can’t
resist luring Dexter into the heather for a playful tumble.

Boswick jokes that when it comes to his handsome brown and white
spaniel, "I’m the director of recreation and Bobi (his wife) is
director of health and beauty."

She also enjoys outings in the park. "It wasn’t until I started going
to the park with Dexter that I gained a true appreciation for all the
wonderful blessings and moments that (Point Pleasant Park) has to

"Where else can you expose your dog to acres of freedom, squirrel
chasing, berry eating, ball catching, butterfly flushing, swimming,
and freshly fallen snow (just to name a few)?"

Dexter loves to compete for his brother Bronson’s ball. Owner Don
White says, "I don’t know what we’d do without the park. . . . It has
been such a big part of our lives for so long." He is also a regular
commenter to the blog site.

Park regulars understand the importance of following the rules
concerning canines and Boswick makes it a point through his blog to
help educate and advocate, so the park continues to be enjoyable for

Recently he posted information on his Upcoming Events page about a
half marathon, including the route, so dog walkers could avoid
disrupting the event. His site also includes pages on health and
wellness, product reviews, some fun and useful links (including his
retirement planning blog). And dog owners can join in with comments
and thoughts.

Boswick knows first-hand the sorrow that accompanies the death of a
beloved pet and his In Memoriam page features park regulars honouring
their deceased dogs with photos and fond recollections.

Amalfi, a fast Italian greyhound, is often featured because he’s just
so doggone fashionable! Search his name on the site and you’ll see why
he turns heads in his swanky wardrobe collection and provides Boswick
with irresistible photo opportunities.

With a turned-up collar and high-stepping gait, he’s quite the
gorgeous guy and he knows it. Owner Laurie Richardson comments,
"Thanks to Amalfi, the park and the wonderful people in it, I leave
Point Pleasant refreshed and happy as a clam, ready to start the day!"

And like so many others, is grateful to Boswick for the memories and
laughs that the dog blog provides.

Jan Napier is a freelance writer, photographer and regular Point
Pleasant Park dog walker

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    good post, I was surprised not to see a post for the 2 year anniversary for Celtic pets and the Animal Abusers Zonda and Alice macIsaac. I think its important that this is forgotten