Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuff Going on

There's stuff to do, coming up - so I thought I'd post some of them if you're looking for something to do and want to spend some money.

This weekend out at Exhibition Park they are having a huge "RV Show" - now that's the life, eh? Tooling around in an RV. That'd be sweet. I would love that. Not a care in the world, the only thing you have to worry about is finding a place periodically to hook up and dump your shit. Just go from Walmart parking lot to walmart parking lot. Life would be grand. If you're interested - you can find out more by going to the "Masterpromotions" website describing what's going on. It's kind of weird - because I got an email from a guy down in the States last week about a "pet friendly vacation idea" - and it was about living the RV lifestyle - with your pets. And it sounded good to me. He said -

As any pet owner will attest, your pet is an integral member of your family. Thus it is only natural for many people to want to travel with their pet.

I am writing to make you aware of a great, pet-friendly, vacation idea - RV camping. RV camping can be an exciting vacation adventure for all members of your family (those with two legs and those with four). Most RV rental companies allow pets and most RV campgrounds also allow pets. To learn more see our new article:

RV Camping with Your Pet - http://www.elmonterv.com/blog/2009/06/rv-camping-with-your-pet.html

All that sounds good to me - so with the RV show this weekend - I thought it was timely to put the link to his article if you should so feel inclined and you've got the cash.

The Halifax Kennel Club is having their next show the weekend of February 13th - it's always a great time and the perfect place to find out what kind of dog you'd like to have as your canine life companion and start researching where you're going to get him or her. That's the responsible way to get them now, isn't it?

Trish Pittman and Lab Rescue are holding a flea market in Enfield at the Fire Hall February 20th from 8-1 to raise some money for their rescue. There's going to be tons of good stuff there - and I'd imagine there's going to be some good cookies as well from her bakery the Doggy Bag Treatery

Starting January 30, the NS SPCA will be having a booth at the Harbourview Market on the weekends selling gently used clothing between 9am and 4pm. The market is located on Canal Street in Dartmouth - the former Value Village location - so check it out, and buy some stuff.

Another great option for a canine life companion is a greyhound - and they have a doggie expo every year where they gather all kinds of great vendors together so that we can spend tons of money supporting local dog businesses, and find out about local charities - and also find out about adopting greyhounds as well. The doggie expo this year is - for the first time - NOT being held the same weekend as the Halifax Kennel Club show, which is fabulous. It's going to be Sunday February 21st at the Halifax Forum in the Multi Purpose Centre - same place as every year, from 10am to 3pm - and it's dog friendly (unlike the kennel club shows) - you can find more about it by going to the GPAC site.

And could it finally be over? Today was the last court date for the longest running dog trial in Halifax's history. The Judge has reserved her decision until February 23rd - so now we wait until then to find out the fate of a dog ... I have no words to follow that word.

And if you're wondering how my Iphone bag turned out the other night, it turned out super. I love it, and I'm loving my Iphone - if you have a choice between a blackberry or an iphone - get the iphone. It's so much better.

And as an fyi - BET has started showing their Michael Vick documentary this week if you're interested in dvr'ing it. I guess it started on Tuesday, and the next time I see it's on here locally is tomorrow night - it's the season opener. The show is called "The Michael Vick Project". Very prophetic. Everyone knows that he didn't go to jail for dog fighting, eh? He went to jail for racketeering. So really, he has nothing to feel guilty for, nothing really to atone for, if he thinks about it in the eyes of his fellow men. Really, only God can judge him. Or is that, Dog... depends on what you believe in.


  1. i keep seeing visions of you and your crew sporting around the world in your new RV---with Butter cup navigating.

  2. Reserving the decision till Feb 23? I have no words for that also.

    I will be at the Dog Expo this year. Looking forward to it.