Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Killer dogs being brought to Nova Scotia

That is what some commenters on an article from today's Chronicle Herald will have you believe. I cannot believe some of the comments left on an article about a rescue that is bringing pit bull mixes to Nova Scotia from Ontario that would be killed if they stayed in that province.

It just boggles my mind that people actually believe those things that they're saying. Why can't they see that all dogs are exactly the same - that any dog given the right circumstances - the right level of abuse, the right background, the right personality, the correct "perfect storm" of bad owner and everything else - if you could peg killer dogs just to breed - then we'd have stopped dogs killing humans a long time ago - but dogs continue to kill - simply because it's NOT related to breed.

Why are people so blind and stupid? I just do not get it. Going back through the archives of my blog I found a REALLY interesting article from 2004 - it's an article that relates to why the Ontario ban actually did happen - it happened because 2 pit bulls attacked a guy - and this article details the circumstances - and it really pointed out at the time the hysteria and stupidness that surrounded the story - it's such a hoot - you've got to read it - you can read it here - "this is how silly Ontario is"

But back to today's article in the Chronicle Herald - which was a great article - about a local rescue called "Ador-a-bull" - they bring down dogs who would die in Ontario because they were born after the ban was put into place in 2005 - so they are dogs that are pit bull mixes who never should have been born so are automatically mandated to be killed by the "Dog Owner's Liability Act" - which is another thing you've got to read to believe. They even say in there that you can't so much as travel through the province with your pit bull type dog because they will seize and kill it. Can you BELIEVE that? This is a province of the country we are living in.

I'd like to also interject here about statistics and pit bull type dogs killing humans - and one of the major people who was the spearheader for this legislation - he has killed a human - Michael Bryant, last year - KILLED a bike courier because of road rage. A pit bull type dog - has NEVER killed a human in Canada EVER. Michael Bryant HAS. One of the commenters on the Chronicle Herald article said we lost 28 people to pit bulls in the last 20 years - I don't where he got his statistics from, but that is ludicrous. Maybe 28 dogs have died. But not people. Can you imagine. I wrote a post once about misleading statistics and pit bulls and the media, because it's ridiculous what some people can come up with.

The dogs that Ador-a-bull are bringing down from Ontario are no different than the dogs that are already here in Nova Scotia. They are young, cute, fuzzy, little dogs that are going to have great long, happy lives that are not going to impact negatively on anyone. You can see them for yourself on Ador-a-bull's Petfinder site -

Ketch looks like a lovely puppy - and he doesn't even look like he has hardly any pit bull in him anyway - and I'm sure he's loving it here in Nova Scotia
Memphis was only 3 1/2 weeks old when he came here - I don't think he was figuring he could kill anything, I don't think his eyes were even open when he arrived!
Kenya is still looking for a home and is being fostered - but he doesn't look too dangerous to me. He pretty much looks like he just wants to lick me to death.

What kills me the most about Ontario's pit bull ban is the fact that dogs don't even have to be pit bull type dogs to be killed - they just have to fit the characteristics of what someone in charge might consider to be what they think "might" fit into the quality of a pit bull to have your dog seized - and you've got no way to fight it - your dog is going to be taken away from you - and your dog - that you love, you sleep with, you've spent tons of money on - you consider to be your soul mate, you care about more than anything on this earth - is going to have a needle put in him - and is going to be killed - simply because by some mean trick of fate - happened to run into someone in some kind of power - and they decided that your dog had a blocky enough head to be considered a pit bull type dog. And now your dog is going to die.

And this is happening in our own country - it's happening right now in Brampton Ontario with 2 dogs - and it's also happening in Mississauga with a dog named Bowser - who I talked about last year - and also compared to Daisy - because Bowser and Daisy actually look quite a bit alike. And Bowser got turned in by his VETERINARIAN when his owner took him in to be neutered.

Can you imagine living in a place where you are afraid to be a responsible dog owner and get your dog needed medical attention because you're scared your vet is going to misidentify your dog and turn him in to authorities and your dog is going to be killed? That is what is happening in Ontario with the pit bull ban.

And people in today's Chronicle Herald article want to bring that to Nova Scotia.

And isn't it funny that Jerry Blumenthal is mentioned again in relation to BSL. I think we should write a letter to Mr. Blumenthal and say that we've noticed that Mr. Blumenthal seems to have a problem with pit bulls. I'm just saying - I wrote a post called "We Need to Keep a Watch over Councillor Blumenthal" - and I think now I need to make a category for Mr. Blumenthal - I am worried about him.

I think it's great what Ador-a-bull are doing - they are not taxing the shelter system here in Nova Scotia, they are not adding to our over-worked shelters - they are using foster homes and doing their own fundraising. They are only bringing in dogs that are temperamentally stable and adopting to good homes. It's all good.

Some of the commenters in the article though, I have grave concerns about. I'm glad the articles at the Herald only hang around for a couple weeks - I wouldn't want that negativity about Nova Scotia to be in cyberspace for too long. It looks very bad on us.


  1. Poor creatures, we have to advocate saving dogs. Let's come up with a campaign material.

  2. I read the article and started to read some comments. I had to stop reading, I was getting to wound up over some of them, well most of them. Its so sad because most of these dogs are angels and are sweeties. I've had more problems with other breeds going crazy and I've never had a problem with pit bulls and the type.

  3. I believe that a dog is not a blank slate, but comes with genetic predispositions. Aggression to humans is not part of a "bully's" genetic makeup. Every dog, regardless of breed, can be well-adjusted and well-behaved, or become one who is a danger to other dogs and/or people. Always depends who sits at the steering wheel.
    What I worry about is if there are enough homes equipped enough to own a "bully". That is, of course, true for other breeds as well, but in my work I sense a trend to get a bully dog because of pity, empathy and to proof society wrong - kind of polar opposite to the "bad-dog" image. And although that is morally admirable, it is not the right reason to acquire a dog who can be energetic and very determined.

  4. Just to clarify: my previous comment was generally speaking and not aimed at Ador-A-Bull. My personal experience with Ador-A-Bull is nothing but good and I am glad that they are there for Ontario's unwelcome canine citizens, both in word and deed.

  5. Anonymous12:31 PM

    The "statistics" that they come up with are insane, they make no sense, and their is nothing to back them up. American Staffordshire Terrier, AmStaffs or Pitbulls, what ever you want to call them are a breed that people created. They are designed for two main things: 1. To be human oriented, to please 2. to tolerate pain.
    I know more people who have been bit and injuried by chihuahuas (no that there is anything wrong with the breed) than by Pitbulls.
    I do believe that the Metro Shelter has committed to taking one a dog a month from Ontario.

  6. You had said "The dogs that Ador-a-bull are bringing down from Ontario are no different than the dogs that are already here in Nova Scotia"...

    The thing is, in some cases they may be better then dogs/ and pittys we have here in NS. From what I understand these dogs need to go through extensive testing before coming here. (tempermant and different situation testing). At least the dog I adopted from Ontario did.

    I really think what Ador a bull is doing is fantastic. I also know they are very throughly when finding new homes for their dogs :)

  7. Thank you Joan, and everyone for your continued support. It helps drown out the negative and make us feel like we are doing good for these dogs.

    We are not bringing vicious, nasty dogs to the east coast. We are giving stable, well rounded, bully ambassadors the second chance they deserve.

  8. Anonymous10:38 AM

    The Fredericton SPCA and the Saint John Animal Rescue League have some pitties on their website.

  9. Anonymous6:19 PM

    It is so great that the people in Nova Scotia are not as blinded by pure ignorance as most of my neighbours in Ontario. My son brought home a rescued dog from Quebec that is half black lab and have Am Staff. We are now looking for a home for him in Nova Scotia. We have lived with him for his first two years of life and he is a loving family pet. It breaks my heart for him to have to leave. He has been neutered, shots are up to date and has had obedience clasees. He is really smart and well behaved. Has never had an accident in the house and won't go to the bathroom in the yard unless absolutely necessary. Any takers??? I will send pictures to those who are interested and will transport him to the home personally...Norine

    1. sunlight21112:51 PM

      I am a previous owner of an american staff. We lost our beloved a year ago due to illness and our hearts ache for him still. We do have anothr dog now but not that breed. Our staff was loving and kind. My boyfriend brought him from ontario and he was found on the street. We just loved him and he loved us. Yes he had issues because we think there was some sort of mistreatment at one point. All of our friends loved him. I liked being around him more then some humans. People please educate yourselves before spouting garbage about something u dont understand. I applaud all of you who try to help rescue. I am in nova scotia and any help I can be just contact me. I say punish the deed not the breed.

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      I found an AmStaff female six days ago in pei.
      Nobody is looking for her as i called radio stations, humane society, etc...she is very lovely. I cannot
      keep her here. I need help quickly. I am hesitant
      to drop her at our local humane society for several
      reasons. if you know anybody to foster or help this
      lovely young brindle girl out...902-626-5927