Thursday, January 28, 2010

Video: HRM City Council Talks about Homeward Bound City Pound

Here is the video from Tuesday night's City Council Meeting where they talked about the new sheltering contract with Homeward Bound City Pound. Check back in 6 months to see what you think about this video.


  1. BOL--what a bunch of crayons

  2. Few things on my mind:
    Are they required to publicize a statistic how many dogs are seized, how many adopted and how many euthanized and for what reasons?
    For 2 million bucks, how come the City can't run their own pound?
    I thought that bill A-300 was scrapped?
    And, in my professional opinion, with many dogs one can't get a decent temperament assessment after 72 hours. Would like to see them keep dogs longer before they are adopted out - 10 days if I had my say. Unless, of course, the owner retrieves them.

  3. Certainly this video brought up a million questions for me too - who is the animal behaviourist that the company is going to be using? Will they be publishing any of their statistics about intake, adoption, and euthanization? Will they be using adoption counsellors? What will be their adoption process? Will they be working with local rescues? Will they rescue friendly at all? Will they be as closed off to the public and local rescue as the city is? Is a no talk to the public clause worked into their contract with the city so they can't even talk about themselves?

    What is the background that the management has in no kill philosophy? Have any of them ever heard of Nathan Winograd?

    These are just a couple of the questions that I have.

  4. I wonder if there will be a conflict of interest.

    I take no stock in hendsbee's words. He don't have a clue

  5. AfricanSunset9:19 AM

    Great video - thanks for sharing with those who reside outside of HRM - it could be a few interesting months to come : )