Friday, January 15, 2010

Rudy the Farting Pug

The first post I wrote about Rudy was in October, 2004. That was a long time ago in dog years. I helped my friend Maureen find Rudy - Maureen was at least his 4th home, which was inexplicable to either of us, because he was the perfect dog for Maureen. Last night, Maureen had to say good-bye to her once in a life time dog due to congestive heart failure, and when I heard today - I think my own heart failed a little bit.
Rudy was one of those little dogs you never forget - he was one of those pugs who was a real snorter - and for some reason, when he barked - he farted! Cute little farts - not big smelly ones, so it just added to his personality - which was a very large personality.
He came over from PEI - for some reason - a lot of pugs seem to come over from PEI needing rescue - Maureen's other pug also came that way.
There is no easy way to say good-bye, especially when it is the right time to say it. All you can do is know that you have given your dog the best life that he could have possibly have, and that he knows that you have - and he has no regrets - so neither should you.
But when you come home, and he's not there - there's no bandage that can heal that hurt for a little while, you just have to experience it and live through it. To feel any less just wouldn't feel right - you love them so much when they're alive - it's natural to feel tortured after they die, especially a dog like Rudy.
He was a special dog and he will be missed by a lot of people. It is so unfair that dogs live such short lives. He had a good life in the end though, thanks to his Mom and Dad. Hopefully they feel better for knowing that every fart he gave out was done with pure joy. and was done because of the life that they gave him.


  1. God-speed Rudy. Hugs to Maureen and family.

    I've enjoyed the stories. :)

  2. Thanks Joan for your wonderful tribute to our beloved Rudy. In hindsight we didn't rescue him, he rescued us. Although we miss him terribly, we are sure that he is farting, gobbling down pizza crust, barking at crows and eating cheese (all his favourite things) in his doggy afterlife.

    Maureen, Eric, Caitlin and Erin

  3. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Thank you Joan
    Rudy was a lucky boy and we were lucky enough to have such a great little brother
    He will be greatly missed

  4. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Thank You Joan for such lovely tribute to Rudy. We will all miss him so much, he has touched our hearts and lives forever. My little doot doot in a puppy suit is watching from heaven now!


  5. oh--how sweet that he farted when he barked. It is never easy to loose a beloved pet. I believe Rudy will always be a part of Maureen and he will always be right there in her heart. That means he isn't too far away after all.