Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wrestlin' during a snowstorm

We are having a snowstorm currently and winds are expected to go up to 100 kms an hour around midnight tonight -
The big dogs think that's the perfect time to go out into the backyard to do some serious wrestling!
So it occurred to me to grab the camera and take a few shots of them having some fun -
I took quite a more photos than this - but it turns out my fabulous camera doesn't focus on the big black things in the middle of the lens -
It likes to focus in on the tiny little snowflakes that are closest TO the lens
So a lot of the shots that I thought were fabulous shots of the dogs wrestling -
Were completely blurry shots of dogs - but fabulous photos of little white dots. Shitty.
I did get a couple pictures though -
So I am forever adding to my retinue of photos of dogs wrestling -
I've got a category on this blog just for posts about wrestling, and a video on You Tube devoted to the dogs wrestling -
So we're pretty serious about our wrestling hobby in this household.
Put that together with some weather and you've got a pretty good time.
Add in some toys - and then you've got Daisy having a very good time - as you'll see from the upcoming photos - enjoy!


  1. Charlie and Daisy just loved the snow didn't they!!! i love seeing pictures of them--action/outdoor shots are always my fav--only a face on of Buttercup would surpass.

  2. great wrestling...especially in the snow. we three think butt tucking around just missing getting caught by the chasor is great... 'course the chasee gets exercise too and ultimately becomes the chasor. after the chase we get in wrestling mode -- we kind of look like little blue bears standing on our hind legs....and then the chase ensues one more time with feeling....
    we're still waiting for a good snow here in connecticut but that doesn't deter the blue dog chase..... looks like you have great fun on your blog too.. stop in at ours and say hi.
    theBUSTER, Ms Persephone, & Ms.Blue too!

  3. Oh, Georgie gets soooo crazy when it snows. He runs around like a nut and then face-skis all around the yard. It's so good to see them joyous and carefree! :)