Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Boy and His Dog

For those readers who are from away - there has been the very sad story locally of a little boy who got lost in Cape Breton on the weekend when following his dog into the woods, and when he was found he was severley hypothermic and he died hours after being brought to the hospital.

A couple hours before he was found his dog - named Chance - walked out of the woods - but it's been determined that the dog never left his side while he was in the woods, a depression was left in the snow next to the little boy - so he lived as long as he did because of the dog - and maybe Chance finally left knowing there was no hope, or sensing that time was becoming very short and he was the little boys last hope.

This cartoon was in today's Chronicle Herald. Really, sometimes there is no doubt that dogs really are our best friend through every time - difficult, and good. The little boy's name was James DeLorey. To read the story - click on the photo to enlarge it -


  1. that picture is so moving i cried when i saw it

  2. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Bruce MacKinnon surpassed his usual brilliance.


  3. I agree. They should print it on T-shirts for their trust fund. That's dogs for you - that's why we love them.
    Thanks for sharing, Joan.

  4. How very sad and moving. Dogs truly are best friends. I'm so sorry for the family.

  5. This is such a moving story. Dogs really are little angels on earth. We're sorry for the family's loss.

  6. Our hearts are breaking for James's family and Chance. We heard about the story the other day from the 'splorin' Wolfies.

    Having an autistic child and assistance dog ourselves we know how incredible a dog can be with an autistic child. Chance stayed with James so long. If only ...

    Clive and family
    Dublin, Ireland

  7. We are also visiting from splorin wolfies blog.
    We are so very sorry to read that story.
    It is a very moving picture now that we have read the story.

  8. We were visiting the 'sploring' Wolfies and thought we'd drop by. Very touching story. Dogs are wonderful and their unconditional love is partly why we all love them so much. We will keep the family in our thoughts & prayers.
    Thanks for sharing
    Ernie & Sasha
    PeeEss: we are glad we visited. If you get the chance, drop by and visit us. We enjoy meeting new friends.

  9. Thank you for sharing this story. Where would we be without our dogs?

  10. How very sad - but what a beautiful picture. I had heard the story, but had not seen this.

  11. this is so very sad... gentle hugs and butt bopps to the poor family of james and his dog.