Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Cat Story from Truro

There's a happy ending cat story from Truro today, and the cat even has a home to go to - so it's all good. It does show that there is a definite need to help animals here in Nova Scotia and luckily, some one did it for this little cat.

Stray cat arrives at vet ‘in pretty rough shape’
‘Miracle’ going to a new home soon

TRURO – Truro resident Jenn Fraser brought home a very special package for the holidays.

The student veterinary technician was working at the Central Nova Animal Hospital recently when a Good Samaritan had arrived at the clinic with a young cat they had found frozen to the ground.

“She couldn’t lift her head or do anything,” said Fraser. “It was so sad. She was in pretty rough shape.”

The feline, about one year old, was found on its side, fur frozen in ice, and was gently pried from the spot where it had collapsed from exhaustion.

When the tiny cat was brought to the clinic its temperature was only 32 C, about five and a half degrees below normal.

“With a little bit of heating pads and a bit of food she began to come around,” said Fraser.

She named the tiny stray cat Miracle because it has miraculously survived the ordeal.
Fraser said Miracle had a few external wounds, mostly bite marks from other animal attacks.

“It appears she has been running from trouble for quite some time,” said the technician.

The tortoise shell coloured cat was emaciated and weighed only about three pounds. A healthy cat her age should weigh about eight pounds.

A foster family has been found for the cat, however Fraser calls Miracle her Christmas present and will care for her until she moves to her new home Jan. 7.

Veterinarian Jane MacLellan said this incident should serve as a reminder to people to be responsible pet owners by spaying and neutering their animals.

“We have such a problem with stray and abandoned and unwanted pets in Nova Scotia,” said MacLellan.

It’s an issue they see all the time in the clinic with people seeking help to care for stray animals because the SPCA is full.

Fraser said she is grateful someone made the effort to rescue Miracle.
“It is amazing they would do that,” she said. “ That someone took the time to stop and help. It’s nice to know there are people like that out there.”

The Truro Daily News

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