Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This will BLOW YOUR MIND - Crown Lands in HRM

A long time ago I wrote a post called "You May already have legal off leash space in your neighbourhood" - and it was all about the fact that it's legal to walk your dog off leash on crown land as long as they are within sight and under voice control.

The only detriment is that hunters are allowed to shoot your dog if they see him and he is not within your sight - so that is one thing you've got to watch out for - because we all know there are a lot of hunters out there who are assholes. And there are a lot of hunters who hunt on crown land.

I went to the Nova Scotia government website and actually looked up where crown land is in the HRM - and here you have the results - it is everywhere there is GREEN.

So all these green places - are LEGAL OFF LEASH SPACES WE ARE ALLOWED TO GO.

Can you believe that? Who cares about the HRM's Off Leash Strategy - just go on crown land - there's TONS of it out there.

Feel free to spread the good news around.



  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Why do you have an ad for Iams on your blog?
    Haven't you heard about their mistreatment of dogs for testing? Look it up - it's appalling.

  2. Francesca Rogier - who is the person who left the idiot stick comment above - is this the first time you've ever been to a website or blog that's got a Google ad word block on it?

    Really - you're really dragging your knuckles on this one.

    By the by - you should really invest in some free ip tracking for your own blog so you can figure out who's coming onto your own blog so that you can do what I just did - see who it is that's leaving idiot stick comments like this one.

    And don't worry - I've kept a copy of the statistic so that in case you try and "sue" me for this comment - I've got good documentation to back up that it's you who in fact left this comment.

    Thanks so much for dropping by, Francesca - I feel honoured!!


    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      you are fucked lady

  3. Sad Joan. People are so busy trying to shut others up. This is your blog and it is up to you what you have on it. You go girl :)

  4. Tis the season .... so deck yourselves and your dogs in orange. Legally, a hunter is allowed to fire a weapon at less than 200 meters from a resisdence and even after travelling 500 feet, the caliber of 22 bullet used for deer hunting can still do quite a lot of damage to anyone on four paws or two,