Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things to do coming up

I've got a few emails built up of interesting things to do coming up in the next little while, so I thought I'd make a blog post about them - because no one wants to miss their pics with Santa and the dog!

If you`re out and around tomorrow - November 14th - the Dartmouth shelter SPCA will have their storage locker open between 11am and 2pm to receive donations for the semi-regular yard sales - the locker is located just outside their shelter at 5 Scarfe Court. So if you have good stuff to donate - between 11 and 2 tomorrow, there will be someone there to receive it!

November 22nd from 10am to 4pm there`s going to be a Medieval Fair at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro! Proceeds are to be split between DART-NS and the Colchester SPCA. There's to be archery (St Mary's Archers), fortune-telling (the lady who emailed me is the palm reader), sweets, crafts for sale and they'd like a really good turn out. The whole thing's been put together by animal-loving students. If you need more info you can email or call 893 3325. They also have a Facebook event page set up that you can go check out as well.]

Santa Pix – The NS SPCA ever-popular annual Santa Pix returns this year and will be held at the following locations throughout Metro – some with extended hours to give everyone an opportunity to participate:
November 28, Vetcetera, Bedford 10am – 2pm
November 29th Tantallon Veterinary 1pm until 4pm
November 30th Sunnyside Mall 6pm until 9pm
December 1st Halifax Shopping Center 12pm until 8pm
December 5th Chapters Mic Mac 10am until 6pm
December 6th Bark & Fitz Doyle Street Halifax 12pm - 3pm

For $15 you will receive a 5X7 framed photo featuring your pet and santa

Santa Pix is a lot of fun and is a great opportunity for pet lovers to get your pet's photo taken with Santa. It's a great keepsake for years to come! As with all events, volunteers are critical to their success. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the Santa Pix, please visit the NS SPCA`s on-line sign up sheet at:

Tree of Lights – This year’s Tree of Lights will be held during regular mall hours at Halifax Shopping Centre from December 11-22 and December 16-22 at Sunnyside Mall. This is a wonderful way to honour your pet, in a pet’s memory or an animal currently at the Metro Shelter. For $5, you can customize a decoration for the tree and turn on a light. There is also a wonderful assortment of merchandise for sale just in time for Christmas! Once again, we e will require a great number of volunteers. Visit our on-line sign up sheet to register for shifts at:

This isn't something to do per se - but it is something for us dog lovers to spend our money on - and it goes to a dog rescue, so I think it fits here - haha! The largest private animal rescue in Nova Scotia - Animal Rescue Coalitions, has an online auction going on at the website right now - so I thought I'd put a link to it here in case you'd like to go put a bid in on some of the items - it's at

Over on Facebook - "Groups" are being phased out, and "Fan pages" are being replaced as the way to go for people to find each other and congregate - so fan pages are popping up all over the place, and replacing groups that had previously existed.

Dalmation Rescue has started up a Fan Page - and they're called "Atlantic Canadian Dalmation Rescue" - I've also made a new fan page for my Charlie loves Halifax website - I previously had a group for it - but I've moved it over to a fan page - so go join the fan page - I think it'll be a lot more interactive and useful than the group page was.

Stalwart groups who are always having get togethers are Boston Terriers of the HRM - if you've got a small dog - they don't discriminate - so go to their Facebook group and join up, and just pretend your little dog is black and white with big ears - they'll let you play with them.

The Chewed Slipper Doggy Day Care out in Lower Sackville has doggy socials almost every week - so check out their website at if you're up for having tons of fun with other dogs for $5 and your dog can handle it!

Pug Pals of the HRM are another group who has meet ups regularly for play and fun - so if your dog is the size of a pug and is a dog that likes pugs and plays like a pug - they will let your dog play with their pugs! Check out their facebook group for their next meetup!
Now for a couple of interesting housekeeping items - Finally the Coast Magazine got this category right this year and voted Global Pet Foods as the best Pet food store in the HRM - Bark and Fitz came in second. Unfortunately a Pets Unlimited store came in 3rd - unfortunately because they sell live animals which come from the slave trade of puppy mills - but we can't expect to have everything in life, can we. At least it's a start.

And one last thing - if you're in the area of the Dartmouth Provinciaal Court, Suite 200, 277 Pleasant Street this coming Tuesday at 7pm - you might want to drop in and see a blatant waste of taxpayer dollars. It should be amusing to say the least.


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I hope as many HRM taxpayers as can make it DO show up at Dartmouth Provincial Court, Suite 200, 277 Pleasant Street this coming Tuesday at 7pm. You will see just HOW blatant the waste of your taxpayer dollars is! Maybe if enough people are there and see for themselves the travesty of an infamous delayer & denier demanding "protection" from a woman who could not possibly threaten her, they will write to HRM officials to stop this nonsense. HRM has had to pay outside counsel to deal with this woman since last February. That is a LOT of your tax dollars that are badly needed elsewhere. Taking up Court time that is needed by people with real problems. The first time the case was scheduled she didn't even show up. Some frightened, right?

  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I believe I just read it is in courtroom 3.

    I will be there. Have to see my tax dollars in action.

  3. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Well justice prevailed I hear. No case for a peacebond. WTG Gail