Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A neat new local blog!

I just came across a neat new blog that I wanted to make a post about - it's called "the Dog Blog - life at Kwik Kopy Halifax, as told by us....the dogs!"

I've had Kwik Kopy Design and Print Centre on my Charlie Loves Halifax website for years in my dog friendly shopping page on the "Miscellaneous page" - what I said on that page about their store was -

I had an email from one of the owners of the Kwik Kopy Design and Print Centre on Strawberry Hill here in Halifax who wanted to let me know that their resident greeters - yellow lab Rose and black lab Gollum - LOVE to greet their customers' dogs when they bring them into their store! Isn't that wonderful? And if you don't bring your dog with you, Rose and Gollum are willing to part with a milk bone to take home to your dog! haha! Now that is dog-friendliness at it's best. So I'd say that Kwik Copy is a shining example of what pet friendly businesses are like - but the owners really understand because they have dogs themselves - and those are 2 lucky dogs! They have a website as well at http://www.halifax.kwikkopy.ca/ Brian and Lynne's store is at 3606 Strawberry Hill and their phone number is 902-453-5151.

So I think that now I'm going to have to update their page now so that it also includes their dogs' blog! That is super! The more the merrier - and by the sounds of their blog - they are huge supporters of the SPCA and rescue - which is also great.

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