Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking for a sewing machine....

Even looking for a sewing machine can dig up dog people. I sent out an email to a local Yahoo group called "HRM Community" - asking if anyone had any suggestions about the best place to buy a sewing machine, because I want to sew some heavy fabrics, and my current sewing machine is not able to do what I want - and I got some great replies.

I got emails back from people about a store in Bridgewater that looks like it sells exactly the sewing machines I'm looking for - Bridgewater Sewing Centre - they sell new and used domestic and household sewing equipment. There's also "Kelly's Creative Sewing" over in Dartmouth that sells different lines of sewing machines and also has classes to teach sewing. And then there's "Marlene's Sewing Bee" out in Lower Sackville that sells and services lots of different kinds of sewing machines - which is where I'm going to take an old sewing machine my Dad gave me that will probably work beautifully after getting a good cleaning.

But I also got a couple emails from people who had super suggestions too - one guy emailed me who actually collects antique sewing machines and really knows his stuff and he said that someone had just posted a really good used machine on Kijiji - so I emailed the ad - and I'm going to buy this person's sewing machine on Saturday.

When I told her what I wanted the machine for - to make dog collars and leashes - she said she knits dog sweaters - and has a website, and she emailed her site - and WOW - what beautiful sweaters! The website is at and the sweaters are at

I got another email from a lady who had a couple suggestions on where to get a sewing machine, and she also has dogs - and a dog website with her husband selling dog gear. She's also a reader of this blog and said that she pictures "a nautical themed collar with a mini buoy bling hanging on it" being produced by my new sewing machine.

That sounds like a really good idea to me! Her website is at

So wherever I go - I always run into dog people, which is great! And I also get new links to share the love on my Charlie loves Halifax site too!


  1. I have been ordering amazing dog sweaters from eagletree (Maureen) for a number of years now!
    Her sweaters are not only gorgeous, but extremely functional & wash like rags!! (an no front legs to wrangle with!)

  2. Can't wait to see what you make!