Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I figured out why dogsbite.org woman hates dogs so much!

This is what she used to look like - Colleen Lynn - the woman who has the dogsbite.org website - the site dedicated to killing all pit bulls everywhere around the world (http://www.dogsbite.org/)- she won a contest back in 2006 describing her boss - and her boss said things to her like - "You are a dog. As a dog, you do what dogs do — simple things. You also do everything that I tell you to, and when I tell you to." and "Get down on your hands and knees and pick up the tape! I want to see you crawl around like a dog. Do you understand?" She goes on to say in the article - "Earlier than this, I craned over the classifieds table and manually pasted ad after ad onto a blue-lined sheet. The rabid woman habitually came by and said things like, "You don't have talent!" And, "You don't have what it takes!"

I wish someone would say that to her now. I found out about this because the below article was in our local newspaper today if you can believe it - I couldn't find it online, but when I saw it I immediately recognized the face as the one and only woman who runs that awful website. It couldn't have been anyone but her - and she has 2 poor bichons - I feel very sorry for those dogs. They don't look very happy - they definitely need a trip to the beauty parlour.

So she obviously has a psychological disorder relating to her first job - maybe post traumatic stress disorder because her boss treated her like a dog - and she thinks that dogs are somehow worse than humans - somehow "below" humans - and she wants to be able to elevate herself above dogs - but in her head she can't because her first boss wouldn't let her - she was no better than a dog - and she just can't do it - so she's trying to have the species annihiliated - and then maybe somehow that will make her all better. Then she will be okay. Really - instead of hating this woman for what she's trying to do - we should pity her and try to get her the help she needs. And it was all there in a writing contest she won way back in 2006 and we could have been trying to get her help ever since then - what shitty friends she must have that they had that right in front of them all this time and they've never tried to help her. That is too bad. Now that some dog people know about it - maybe now she'll get the help she needs - feel free to contact her through her dogsbite website or her vainnotion website.


  1. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Interesting that a woman who wishes to kill so many dogs she doesnt like, has two laberdoodles, or are they just really badly bred poodles?.

    I may be mistaken but don't both rank among the most frequent of biters in Canada according to CHRPP? And weren't poodles considered to be one of the most frequent biters, aggressive breeds in the USA in a recent study?

    Not that breed profiling is anything but a red herring for people like her to use to kill innocent dogs....

    BREEDS DONT KILL OR MAIM negligent dog owners do.

    1. As both stated in the blog and as evidenced in the photo, those are not Labradoodles but Bichon Frises. Labradoodles are very large dogs, and don't come in white. Just fyi.

  2. Anonymous3:48 AM

    It does not surprise me that she would write something like that about someone in authority over her.

    I would expect a woman whose life is so ingrained with hate, feeds on it, promotes it, lives it and thrives on it, would indeed write something so demented about another human being.

  3. Hi,
    I agree w/ the author and the other comments...and I do have empathy for her. She is taking-out her 'rage' and 'pain' on poor helpless creatures (because this just how she once felt!) The picture is amazing...What hatred can do to such a once beautiful, vibrant woman? I think she would benefit from psychological help (I am in the field.)
    Actually, Thanks to all you Pet Owners out there who take out you aggression in a constructive ways: like exercizing, taking a nice bath or reading a good book...(even punching a pillow if you really need to.) Lets show her our "pitty" (haha)and send her this article. We should practice what we preach. Love to all you great people w/ all sorts

  4. ahhh, I just dislike this women.

  5. A true dog lover loves ALL breeds. To have any kind of hatred for any canine makes this person a threat to all dogs. Her old boss treated her like crap. Obviously she is a weak human being as she continued to let her "crappy" boss treat her that way. My concern is how is treating her own dogs? This is how bullying starts. The weak are bullied and then they find something or someone weaker to take it out on. Somebody should be going to her home and do a check on the animals. Then someone close to her (if that's possible) needs to reach out and help her. Weak minded people shouldn't have the responsibility of a pet or child. It is abuse in the making. She needs to deal with her crap and not take it out on the innocent ones. There is a lot of professional help out there available. So go get it and move on in a positive way. I have no sympathy for animal abusers.

  6. I'm sorry, I am sure she does have psychological problems, and deserves help but a large part of me feels that to spew so ,much venom, lies, misinformation, there's got to be a smidge of just plain old douche bag in you. She might get rehabilitated to where she could be employed by someone else again. She may even see how perhaps some of what she has said and done has been over the top, but no, I don't think we will ever see her personality and what's in her heart chNge

  7. Anonymous11:20 AM

    This was on her VainNotion web site.....In January 2007, Colleen joined the Washington State grassroots Obama 2008 campaign and created the visual site design for the group's website. It was her first step into social activism and it proved a good fit. By October of the same year, and after enduring a serious dog attack incident, Colleen launched DogsBite.org, a public education site about dangerous dogs -- specifically pit bulls. In three year's time, the site has grown into a national dog bite victim's group with frequent recognition from local, regional and national media groups.

  8. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Colleen Lynn is a megalomaniacal sociopathic liar whose livelihood relies on rewriting history so that her klutziness and poor judgement when she ambushed a leashed pit bull on its regular peaceful calm afternoon walk is morphed into a pit bull attack to defraud an insurance company, murder an innocent dog and use as a foundation to manufacture fear & hysteria to scam weak, vulnerable schmucks into funding her quest for more attention. The welcome by-product of the prolific lies and misinformation that incites hysterical fear is HATE - which attracts a band of insecure misfits who are dimwitted drones gladly doing her bidding and spending hours promoting her brand of crazy for NO compensation whatsoever. She actually convinces them to pay HER and organize fundraisers to pad HER pockets. Hate culties. Enough media outlets have witnessed the train wreck she has built and there are few who are willing to buy the crap she peddles and are instead turning to groups that ARE dog experts using FACTS and SCIENCE to back their claims instead of slogans, lies, myths and one fraud's tall tale.