Thursday, September 3, 2009

Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership will be that HKC Dog Show this weekend!

Situated between Silvia Jay's Voices for Dogs table and Animal Rescue Coalitions table - Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership is going to have a table this weekend at the Halifax Kennel Club's dog show out at the Exhibition Park on the Prospect Road.

We've made up a new pamphlet to give out that gives people an idea of who the organization isand what the organization wants to accomplish, so I thought I'd put the text of the pamphlet here to whet the appetite of people so that they might stop by the table if they were planning on going to the dog show and pick up some of the other handouts that are going to be on the table - so here it is -


Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership is a group of responsible pet owners who are working towards creating a dog friendly Nova Scotia that we know is very easily attainable, one where people who have dogs and other pets in their life, and people who have chosen not to have dogs and other pets around them – can live together harmoniously so that everyone feels comfortable living together in our shared beautiful parks and multi use spaces - and our pets can have the highest quality of life that we can give them.

We educate the public about responsible pet ownership and advocate for such so that animal cruelty and suffering can be lessened one human at a time - specifically letting people know where is the best place to acquire companion animals, where stores are that sell pet supplies that don't sell live animals, and supplying educational materials at pet events on responsible pet ownership.


A dog that is properly socialized, trained, contained, and fulfilled is never a nuisance to neighbours, a danger to the public, or a drain on the public’s services – because his owner cares about his well being to make sure that all his needs have been met and has taken the responsibility of pet ownership seriously enough to know that it’s a birth to death commitment – just like any other family member. He doesn’t abandon his dog to the backyard on a chain – he takes the dog for walks and hikes to get his exercise. Because he wants to spend time with his dog – he takes him on errands and to public events – and because his dog is well socialized – his dog can handle going out in public, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone – dog and human alike. The dog gets to spend time with his most favourite person on earth – and the community becomes more dog friendly and dog accepting by seeing friendly, well-behaved dogs. That is the world that ARPO is working towards in Nova Scotia, and we believe it’s not very far away!


Local pet stores selling live animals – we believe that the sale of puppies and kittens in local pet stores is an unnecessary revenue for those businesses because there are other local pet supply stores who don’t sell live animals doing very well – and almost all the puppies being sold at these stores come from puppy mill operations – puppy farms where the dogs living there never are not treated like companion animals, and who’s only meaning in life is to be bred over and over until they are too diseased to continue – and then they are destroyed. Puppy mills DO exist in Nova Scotia, and they are everywhere – and they not only sell to our local pet stores – they sell directly to the public through online marketplaces like

It is only through education and showing the public what happens behind the closed doors of local puppy mills that their revenue stream will be shut down – and the industry will go away once and for all – and the suffering of the animals will stop.

There will still be tons of dogs and cats around to adopt and buy though! But they’ll just be a lot healthier and happier! And so will their Mom’s and Dad’s – so it’ll be a win-win situation for everyone!

So until that day comes – only spend your money at stores that DON’T sell live animals – you can find out more at - - as well, we’ve compiled a list of most of the local rescue organizations that you can go check out when you’re ready to look
for your next canine or feline life companion! It’s at -

Training our dogs with positive trainers – ARPO believes that dogs that are trained with positive only methods makes a better, happier, and healthier dog – and one that lives much more successfully in a dog friendly community – so we’ve picked out some super positive trainers that we think teach the best kind of ways to build a positive life long relationship with you and your dog(s) – you can find some tips for finding good local trainers at -

Having legislation that works for dog owners AND non dog-owners. It’s no secret that A300 in the Halifax Regional Municipality is abysmal – for dog owners AND also for people who don’t own dogs. For dog owners it’s bad because it puts law abiding dog owners at risk when it shouldn’t, and it’s bad for non dog owners because it gives them a false sense of security. Provincially we always seem to be in crisis because there doesn’t seem to be anyone in charge of making sure that animals who need help – get the help that they need – and that’s not right. And even if the government – municipal or provincial – won’t own up to it – it really IS their job to take care of these things.

ARPO plans to make the government step up and take ownership – because that is why government exists – just for issues like this – and surely defenceless animals ARE the weakest members of our society.

You can find more pamphlets at

If you want to become involved with our fledgling organization – go to our website – or email us – we are interested in having every type of dog owner and every viewpoint represented in our group – so if you love your dog and pets – get involved!

Our website - us at –

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  1. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! and HRM Dog PAC will be there too! Sharing our table! So lots of great local doggie info to be found!